10 Things You Should Know About Reputation Management


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In this current day and age a large portion of our lives revolves around the internet, as billions of people use the internet to search for information. The world is changing and we need to keep up with it as it evolves. As such, reputation management becomes increasingly more important to any individual or business. So what is reputation management exactly you might be asking yourself? Reputation management is the act of uplifting your company’s image and how people view your company. Reputation management has two core concepts, namely perception and reality. Perception is all about the company’s image and deals with how the company is perceived by outside community be it by stakeholders, clients or future employees. Reality deals with the truth about your company, how it practices, what its policies are and how it deals with various situations.

Okay, so why do you need reputation management? Reputation management is a must in this online era as it helps strengthen your brand and fosters a well-balanced relationship with your clients. One thing which a lot of people don’t realize is that a company’s reputation is an asset and it needs to be proactively managed.

Reputation Management

Understanding the depth of the reputation management rabbit hole could take a few days but we have made things a little easier with these top 10reputation management must knows:

  1. Do An Online Search Of Your Business
    In order to best manage your reputation you need to know what is being said about your business and what better way than to check yourself.
  2. Reputation Management Increases The Value Of Your Business
    Prospective clients tend to look for businesses with a good long-standing reputation. Thus by having a good reputation you will bring more to your business.
  3. Employees Are Ambassadors For Your Business
    Prospective employees will consider joining your business based on their own values and whether or not they see these values in your business.
  4. Create An Online Presence For Your Business On Various Social Media Platforms
    By creating an online presence across various social media platforms you show your clientele that you care about your reputation. This also allows you to respond more swiftly to any questions and complaints about your business.
  5. Keep An Eye On Google’s Page 1 Results
    People rarely look past the first page on Google and as such you need to make sure what is being said about your business promotes a good reputation, a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) company can help bring your page to the first page.
  6. Use Google Alerts
    Google has a free service which will inform you if certain phrases are used online. By using Google Alerts you are able to find out if someone is posting about your business, this lets you stay ahead of any negative reputation.
  7. Foster A Close Relationship With Your Customers
    Keeping in close contact with your customers is a must, as this allows you to receive feedback from them and find solutions to any problems they may have before they are able to give your business a negative reputation.
  8. Don’t Be Afraid To Apologize
    Should your business have made a mistake or said the wrong thing don’t be afraid to apologize. You need to make sure your apology is authentic and genuine, as this can help diffuse bad press about your business which could have escalated to a bad reputation.
  9. Respond Sincerely And Swiftly To Bad Press And Reviews About Your Business
    By responding to criticism about your business swiftly and with sincerity you are showing the public that you care about your reputation and the upset clientele.
  10. Get False Information About Your Business Removed
    Often clients who are upset at your business can post false information about your business online. This can be very damaging to your reputation and as such you can opt to get this content removed if it is found to be illegitimate and slanderous.

Reputation management is becoming an increasingly important aspect of businesses all over as it is an asset to your business. Though it requires a large amount of time and effort to proactively maintain a positive reputation for your business it requires a lot more time and effort to repair a negative reputation. The longer you wait to promote a positive reputation for your business the more opportunity there is for clients to read negative reviews about your business. So be sure to stay ahead of a negative reputation by working with an SEO company to promote your business and its reputation.

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