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Whether business owners are internet savvy or not, there is no escaping this modern-day truth, the digital age is here to stay. That means that as a company, you should be moving towards the online space and claiming a piece of this ever-expanding digital pie. To do this you must increase your SEO arsenal by making use of product and company reviews. Most businesses dread reviews because they are usually negative, but in the right hands, reviews can help companies expand their reach online and pull in new clientele. Think of it as today’s “word of mouth” marketing minus the hassle.

How Can Reviews Help My Business?

Company reputation is a big deal. We all know that as a business, whether offering a service or a product, you want your customer to have a positive experience. With a happy customer, you are almost guaranteed they will become a regular customer.

Why? Picture this: John loved your speedy service so much, he will recommend you to his business partner, who will choose your company above your competitors based on that glowing review from a trusted source. That’s how your company’s name and reputation grows. People are always on the lookout for quality service and product. People want to hear from others before they buy or try. And while “Word of mouth” interaction at a physical level, worked well in the past, it is limited to a certain time and place. Whereas the modern-day version of this, is based in digital realm. The internet allows you to reach more “Johns” through online reviews, recommendations and referrals with the click of a button. The more company reviews you get, the better.

What Must I Do To Get Company Reviews?

  • If you don’t already have one, create a mobile friendly company website, to carve out your place in this online business world.
  • Once you have a website, make sure you add a “Review Us” tab, which will allow customers to interact with you. It will also allow potential customers to see what they can expect from you, and see how your business relates to its clientele.
  • Get your company listed and a profile set up on legitimate and reputable third party (aka external) review sites. Such as Yelp, Google My Business, Trip Advisor, Yellow pages and Amazon, to name a few. There are local review sites as well as global ones. Which means your business profile could be viewed internationally.
  • Invest in expanding your social media presence, this could entail employing a digital content producer who can make sure that all platforms are engaging with your clients and are pushing your company’s online presence in a strategic way.

How Are Company Reviews Related To SEO?

User Generated Content is huge in today’s society. Everyone wants to have a say. To make sure you are getting the right exposure, you need to be in control of the narrative as much as possible. Which means highlighting positive reviews on social media platforms and dealing with negative reviews in a way that shows you are interested in resolving the issue and winning back your customer. Giving your customers the opportunity to interact with you via the web will boost your SEO because it can:

  • Generate more traffic to your website, if they know they are being heard and will receive feedback.
  • Increase your standing online. The bigger the review site and the more positive reviews you receive, the greater your chance of climbing up the search engine rankings.
  • Help you spot new trends that may be emerging in your industry and be among the first to offer that “new product”, because we all know that where there is a demand, there will be a supply
  • Assist you in streamlining your keywords for Search Engine Optimization.
  • Go viral. Products and campaigns have the potential to go viral on these kinds of platforms, which is like hitting the online jackpot in terms of exposure.

If all this sounds foreign to you and you’re still not sure how to grow your online business presence, then fear not, there are specialists out there who can help. We can help you make sense of the SEO world and improve not only your online rankings through company reviews, but also strengthen your customer relations and expand your clientele base. Contact us today for more information.

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