Establishing Topical Authority With Content Creation

Content Creation: Growing Rankings Through Topical Authority

Content Creation

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If we are honest, there are millions of people around the globe using some of the latest SEO content creation techniques and strategies to promote their products or services. However, these days, it might take a little more than just generating valuable content, conducting the right keyword research, and optimizing your content for the best possible SEO ranking results.

This is where we are fans of nurturing topical authority in your niche area of influence. It’s no longer enough to outweigh competition through traditional optimization to stand out in the crowd within your sector or industry.

“If you want to differentiate yourself as a leader, become known for helping people solve a specific problem.”Donald Miller

Think about which specific topic within the vision of your company might be one you can say you are an expert in? It’s really about becoming a one-stop shop for everything related to that specific topic. When customers and potential customers land on your website, they should always be entirely clear about what you do and who you are, but secondly, they need clarity on the level of authority you hold in your niche area of expertise.

When you are able to expand on that topic and give your customers room to go a lot deeper than surface level, you’re automatically elevating your capacity for greater influence.

How Can You Gain Topical Authority?

When you expand your range of conversation around a niche topic, essentially all your content would be pointing directly back to your topic of interest.

For example, at Connectica, our foundations in what we offer around digital marketing are rooted in our expertise in SEO (search engine optimization). When you read any one of our blogs, or scan through the copy on our website, you will find that everything points back to this one specific area of expertise. We have chosen our topic and have become an authority on these topics through years of operating and sharing knowledge specifically tailored to serving our clients in each sector.

We have recognized how valuable SEO is to businesses of all sizes and this is where we find ourselves the most influential as well.

Your expertise might be around plumbing, electronics, interior design, or one of thousands of other options, so the way you gain topical authority is to narrow down your niche and create valuable content that becomes a little bit like a library in that niche.

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Let’s Get Practical

There are a few things you need to have in place before you can continue the build towards topical authority. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it is definitely worth it in the long run. Take a look at some of the steps below and see where you are at in the process. If you need help, you can always get in touch with us!

The Triple Threat In Authority

One of the important things to note when aiming for topical authority? You need to establish page authority and domain authority in order to unlock topical authority.

Each one of your pages will rank on search engines. Because of this, it’s essential that you ensure each of them ranks properly. Your domain will also rank somewhere automatically, to be seen you need to strengthen your website as a whole. Once your site’s pages are ranked in search engines, the content will be more prominent in potential customers’ searches. When you add great content on a central topic, you’ll be on your way to topical authority.

Your Website Link Structure Matters

When building your website, you will need to be certain that your link structure is clear. This makes it easy for search engines to read. Another important factor here is user experience. The last thing you want to achieve is a complicated website.

Use On-Page & Off-Page SEO

Formatting your web and blog content using the very basics of search engine optimization is one of the key strategies to becoming topically authoritative in your content creation. Using your headings correctly, as well as your researched keywords and metadata is essential for this step.

Backlinks & Keywords

Keyword research is SEO 101. Finding the right keywords for your content is a great way to rank for less competitive keywords in your pursuit of topical authority. When you position your website with some solid backlinks as well, the SERPS will recognize that you’re authentic.

Get In Touch With SEO Experts

It takes a lot of time and research to get yourself clued up enough on your topic alone. Not to mention worrying about all the technical stuff. This is why the team at Connectica is your best possible investment. When it comes to expertise and efficiency in establishing your custom SEO website and long-lasting topical authority in your niche, we’ve got you covered. Ready to get ranking? Call us today at 877-816- 2259.

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