Boost Your Brand With An Online Video Marketing Strategy

Creating An Online Video Marketing Strategy

Video Marketing Strategy

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Are you more likely to read the instructions, or watch a video on how everything works? Research has shown that video marketing is a strategy that is rapidly growing in popularity. This is an area where we at Connectica LLC thrive. To get value from its many benefits, careful thought needs to go into the content of the video.


While the list is seemingly endless, here are a few of the ways that this strategy can help boost your business.

  • Conversion And Sales

    Moving clients from simply browsing your website, to buying products. Research has shown that product videos can increase conversions by 80 percent. It has also led directly to sales with research showing that 74 percent of individuals who watched a product video, ended up buying the product being marketed.

  • Greatest Return On Investment

    While producing a product video may not be your cheapest marketing strategy option, the above statistics have shown that it’s worth it in the long run! A further 83 percent of businesses state that video provides a good return on investment. Luckily, research has also shown that it is not so much the quality of the video that matters, but rather the content and explanation of the product being marketed.

  • Trust Is Key

    Sales are not made if buyers do not trust the product or the company selling them. The foundation of content marketing is trust, allowing for meaningful relationships to be built with customers. Product videos allow for the presentation of your product in such a way that consumers feel that they are engaging in a conversation. During a time where scams and fraud are disguised as online products, 57 percent of consumers claimed to trust their purchase choice after watching a product video.

  • It Reaches Everyone

    Leading the busy lives that we do, few individuals have time to figure out how products work or which services are offered. Video is an easy and efficient tool for learning and consuming information.

  • It Does The Explaining For You

    Whether you’re trying to sell a product, service or explain a complicated concept, videos are the most effective. 98 percent of users claim to have watched an explainer-video for a product or service. Animated videos for complicated concepts have also shown to be effective. Animation provides entertainment and simplicity.

The Steps Of A Successful Video Marketing Strategy

Keeping all the benefits listed above in mind, a video marketing strategy will not be successful unless the following steps are taken into consideration:

  • Know Your Audience

    Before the video can be created, you need to establish who it is that you are trying to reach. Who are you targeting, what will resonate with them, and where will they find your video?

  • Know What To Include

    After establishing who your target market is, there needs to be a discussion on what the video will include. What topics will be covered? In what format this information will be presented?

  • Stick To A Budget

    Video production can be expensive. Although research has shown that explainer-videos increase sales and conversions, they also show that it’s the content that really captures the consumer. Your budget must allow for a video that adequately represents your company and your product.

  • Know Where and How to Promote

    Publishing your video on one site is not going to receive enough attention. Finding bloggers, other businesses, and family to share your video with will help to create awareness surrounding your product.

For this and any other online marketing questions or needs, don’t hesitate to contact us at Connectica LLC. Our experienced and professional team is ready to answer all your questions and make your vision come alive on screen!

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