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Let us face it, creating captivating content that keeps your reader engaged throughout the entire article can be difficult. That is why so often we must rely on what drives the reader psychologically. List articles, or listicles, are a remarkably effective way to implement this strategy. However, like with any creative content, there are many factors to consider for successful list articles.

Understanding Why Lists Work:

People don’t want to and won’t read boring uninformative content. This is especially true if the content is written in a more traditional form. A list takes your content and delivers it in a way readers will enjoy.

  • Great For Skimming

    People want to get as much information as they can get in as little time as possible. Lists allow readers to find exactly what they are looking for without running the risk of not understanding the full article. Lists quickly and clearly communicate the facts and ideas of the article while connecting with the reader.

  • Easy To Read

    We no longer live in a world where people want to read big, chunky blocks of text. Not only is it uninteresting, but it is also difficult to get through. Breaking down your text into easily digestible items on a list will keep your reader interested.

  • Strategic Marketing

    Content that exists only to gain customers is a very impersonal and ineffective strategy that often chases possible customers away. Lists not only invite possible customers to read something they have an interest in but it also strategically supports them until their conversion.

  • Promoting Your Product

    While it is important to offer your readers engaging, creative content, it is equally important to highlight your goods or services in a positive light that leads to their conversion. Lists make this easier because of their easy to read, memorable content.

  • Solve The Problem

    Almost all content is created to solve some sort of problem the reader is facing and lists are no different. Whether you are looking to help them with an actual problem or simply the problem of boredom, lists allow readers a quick way to find a solution. The more specific the list content is to the reader’s problem, the more connected they will feel to the reading experience.

  • Call To Action

    Even if you have some of the best written, most specific content available for the problem or topic, all of that hard work means next to nothing if you do not clearly provide your readers with the next step to follow. A call to action can be anything from signing up for your newsletter to stay informed to calling your business with questions or to set up an appointment. Well written calls to action help to drive home what you talk about in your lists while directing the reader in the direction you want to take them.

  • Rule Of Seven

    When many people think of lists, they automatically think of the top ten lists like those featured on “Late Night With David Letterman,” but studies have started to show that people have started to stray away from lists of ten and five because they have become so commonplace. The study also shows that lists of three and four are too short while lists of six, nine, or 11 seem incomplete. Seven is the perfect number to keep readers on board.

Some find writing content for lists is easier than traditional articles, but they are also easier for your audience to read because they can find the exact information, they need to solve their problem quickly. While the format may not fit every topic, it can be a valuable resource to your creative content. If you have any questions about how to work list articles into your content strategy, call Connectica today at 877-816-2259.

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