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Creative Video Marketing Ideas That “Wow”

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Video marketing has truly started to take over the world of digital marketing, and with good reason. Videos are engaging, entertaining, and are often the easiest way to put information across in the simplest and quickest way possible. It may take you 5 minutes to read a blog post, but watching a video might take you 2 minutes. For those who are visual learners, this can be a breath of fresh air.

Aside from elevating video content on the News Feed algorithm, in 2017 Facebook implemented another filtering system. This is sure to elevate the most engaging videos on any given news feed above content that is not as relevant to a typical Facebook user. Effective video marketing has never looked so good.

Story Time In Your Office Space

Telling stories will never go out of fashion. We have seen how storytelling has been one of the cornerstones of humanity; a source of connection between one person and another. How do you get to know a potential partner or spouse? You tell stories about your childhood, your upbringing, and other experiences that you have had, drawing you closer together. It’s the same with video marketing. Telling a compelling story that relates to your business through video is a highly effective way to get potential clients closer to you.

Showcase Your Team Of Experts

A great way to show off your team of unique experts is to create a video series where you interview each person in your company and they share a little bit about their role. People love to connect with people, and highlighting your team on video can make your company that much more relatable and easier to approach.

Share A How-To Video

How-to videos are all over every social media network, whether you look at TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more. A how-to video is an awesome way to share knowledge with your target audience. When you share knowledge freely, people will feel more welcome to approach your company. It also improves the level of trust and credibility you display in your field.


When clients phone in to ask a bunch of questions, it can take away your brain capacity and time for the work that you might really need to be focusing on. When you create a Q&A video, video series, or even answer some of the frequently asked questions in the form of an entertaining and informational video, it can take a load off for you to send people a link. It can also generate quality engagement in your social media.

Opinion Sharing On Popular Topics

Starting an opinion series where you share thoughts on popular or relevant topics can also create engaging content on your social platforms. Remember, where there is higher engagement, your content is seen as credible, allowing you to rank higher than the competition. Opinion sharing also gives customers an opportunity to get to know you a little bit as well, which makes your company approachable and relatable.

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