Local SEO Makes The Difference When It Comes To Location!

The Differences Between National And Local SEO

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Local SEO may not be something you’ve heard of because the term national SEO or just SEO is more commonly used in the digital marketing industry. This is not because either is any better, it is purely because advancements in technology are allowing for more specific SEO options to be available to businesses today at a local level.

The question is which type of SEO would you and your business benefit from most and why. This all depends on what your business is and what type of clientele you have. To understand which SEO options is best suited to your business, you will need to assess whether your business is purely internet based or if it has one or more physical addresses. You must also remember that Google will always return local results unless otherwise specified by the searcher.

When To Choose Local SEO

A physical address locates your business to a certain area and the clientele that use your business in that specific location are of ultimate importance.

Accompanying and linking the keyword to a specific location is crucial when setting up local SEO. When individuals search for a word or phrase in a specific area, it will be narrowed down by location, allowing for the best possible number of local clientele that will benefit from your services. Results of such searches usually contain customer ratings, business hours and contact information for each of the most popular or reliable businesses, each with an exact location or address. This is why, if your business comprises of a physical location, the relevance and reliability of your location is of great value. Usually this kind of a business calls for local SEO.

This is not to say that local SEO is the necessary route to take if your business has a physical location. It all depends on your customers and the service you provide. If you for example have a business situated in a certain area, but the area has nothing to do with the kind of service you provide, then of course you will not necessarily profit from using local SEO.

When To Choose National SEO

Having no physical outlet of a business implies that anyone (usually within the country, or sometimes globally) has access to it. In this case it is logical to have national SEO. Not being tied to a specific location, could give you a wider range of clients and therefore a bigger number of clients.

National SEO as mentioned above is the most common form of SEO however as a business owner you have to remember that it is more difficult and expensive to rank for than local SEO, it also takes longer due to the large number of competitors you are trying to rank against.

Knowing which kind of SEO to use can make or break your business, because as we all know the internet is possibly the most powerful platform for advertising today.

Just To Sum It Up

Most businesses that use general SEO, rank for specific keywords and target a wider range of clients, using trusted content to ensure customers to visit their website. They are independent of geographical location. Businesses that use local SEO are far more dependent on geographical location, as they mostly target customers from the surrounding area, i.e. customers with specific needs.

Even though these two methods may seem very similar to you, make sure you choose one that fits the nature of your business and it will make all the difference!

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