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Dynamic content creation that commands authority is the focus of every project that crosses our path.

The Connectica Touch

The foundation of every digital marketing strategy is content and without the right kind, businesses risk being left out in the cold as consumers shift their attention to other brands. Content creation services from Connectica can help you build a solid and diverse portfolio of quality content that will attract prospects and strengthen your brand.

Creating new posts without a strong content strategy in place is a waste of time. Connectica’s content creation puts strategy first. We want to help you create the best content that fits your company’s goals and converts new customers.

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Digital Marketing Strategy

If you have already created some great content that suffers from a lack of strategy, Connectica can help. Our digital marketing strategy services will help you:

  • Create a content marketing strategy that is unique to your business
  • Get the visibility and recognition you deserve
  • Empower your staff to contribute as much as they want to

Digital Marketing Tactics

What will bring the most attention to your message is knowing which tactics will get the best results. We have the knowledge and experience to help you decide the best approach for your brand. We are here for you every step of the way, providing coaching and advice to ensure that everything you do will make a difference.


Keyword Research

Creating great content isn’t enough if it doesn’t have a fighting chance in search engines. There is no greater waste of time than to create content that people can’t find. Our keyword research services will help you target a specific audience and choose keywords that will deliver the results you expect. It doesn’t matter if you are a new or established business, our team will provide you with analysis that gives your content a chance to shine.

Types of Content

Connectica can create many different types of content for your company. This includes:

SEO Blog Post Writing

Our SEO experts have years of experience and know-how to create great content for search engines and human readers alike. Our expert writers write articles that are highly relevant and focused on quality.

SEO Website Page Writing

Our content writing team writes website page copy that will attract more attention to your site. Whether you need product descriptions or service pages, the content on your site matters. Having 100% original content will give you a place where you can build trust and expand your internet presence.

Landing Page Writing

When creating PPC campaigns, it’s critical to lead prospects to an effective and convincing landing page with a strong call to action. We use persuasive language and avoid vague words and hype to guide new prospects to the next step.

Press Release Writing

Connectica’s press release writing services can help you get your brand’s name in front of relevant media organizations by creating a press release about your business’s big news, hire, or product launch. You can use this press release to distribute to local or national media to spread the word.

Guest Post Writing

Guest blogging is a great way to build your brand and increase your reputation for being an expert in your field. Our content writers can create high quality content that will establish you as an authority in your industry for you to distribute to authority blogs and sites.

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Connectica helps businesses build their brand, expand their reach, and generate new revenue online. Our content creation services will help you get seen, get heard, and get ahead. Contact a digital marketing specialist to learn more or to start your next online project.

Our Content Creators

Our digital marketing content creators produce content using SEO specific language and techniques to increase rankings on search engines. Connectia’s writing team are dedicated, experienced, and creative writers who are skilled in all forms of written content and copywriting.

Brittanny Doss

Content Writer

Candice Land

Content Writer

Chelsea Wherry

Content Writer

Connor Marshman

Content Writer

David-Jon Ayerst

Content Writer

Desiree Homer

Content Writer

Dianne Wilson

Content Writer

Hayley Wilson

Content Writer

Jason Collins

Content Writer

Jason Findling

Content Writer

Jessica Mousseau

Content Writer

Karen Land

Content Writer

Kate Campbell

Content Writer

Kelsey Ogle

Content Writer

Lauren Gildenhuys

Content Writer

Leah O’Daniel

Content Writer

Lisa Issacs

Content Writer

Marion Henman

Content Writer

Melanie Green

Content Writer

Mishka Latief

Content Writer

Rob Baird

Content Writer

Samantha Land

Content Writer

Samuel Ancer

Content Writer

Sarahbeth Stoneburner

Content Writer

Shane Veckranges

Content Writer

Tristan Jensen

Content Writer

Winona Pautz

Content Writer


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