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Our social media marketing packages have been designed to focus on creating a compelling story to match your brand goals.

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Social media has infiltrated nearly every aspect of our lives. No longer is it just to keep track of old friends, but it has transformed into a source for news, information, and even business. Social media can be incredibly beneficial to companies as it can inform people about your hours, locations, products, services, and interact with them to build a solid customer base. Social media marketing also helps you rank higher in searches, which will further improve your credibility and brand awareness.

Whether you have a local shop or a nationwide company, having a social media presence is now a business necessity. Social media allows you the ability to potentially reach the three billion people who currently use some form of social media. To best utilize social media for your company it is essential to determine what you want to achieve specifically – this will give you a better idea as to which platforms will best suit your needs.

Our social media packages have been designed to focus on creating a compelling story to match your brand goals.

Connectica offers social media marketing that will:

Reach Target Markets:

While the ability to reach so many people is part of the beauty of social media, it is essential to appeal to those who need your goods or services. We work with you to determine who your target market is and then develop a strategy to generate a social media presence that will interest them about your brand.

Engage Followers:

People who subscribe to your brand on social media want to feel like they’re being heard. From interesting insights into your company to polls and questions, providing your followers with unique content that gets people talking and interacting with your company will build a more connected and stronger customer base.

Grow Social Media Identity:

Just having social media pages for your business isn’t enough; you also must have the followers. Connectica provides you with a strategy that will increase your following by delivering engaging, original content for your target audience that is sure to grow your brand awareness.

Lift Brand Recognition:

Even if you’re a small company, it is essential that your target audience is familiar enough with your goods, services, and overall brand that they can recognize it after seeing your logo, tag line, or ad. Connectica understands how vital brand recognition is and provides frequent content that consistently increases your brand recognition.

Strategy & Consulting

Nobody knows your target audience more than you; that is why it is critical to work with you to develop a strategy that will engage current customers while also increasing your authority as a brand. A customized social media strategy will achieve your goals and objectives by understanding the core values of your business. We offer three different packages that help us better suit your needs, with all of them including an expert account manager, social media strategy guide, monthly social media calendar, account monitoring, and monthly reporting.

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Increase Engagement

Connectica believes that it is crucial to move past measuring the impact of social media with impersonal metrics like page views and clicks-per-article and instead measure it by overall activity and reach.

Our social media outreach targets the right audience and engages them through unique, custom designed content that revolves around the followers instead.

Advertising Services

Often with new brands or those who do not currently have an established social media marketing strategy, it is hard to gain a large following without the help of paid advertising.

While all social media platforms differ slightly when it comes to advertising, Connectica can target your desired audience and get a return on your investment with a budget-friendly advertising campaign.

Monitor & Reporting

Nearly as important as having a social media strategy is monitoring how your followers are interacting with your page. Connectica will track how your social media pages are impacted by audience engagement to see what sort of content is more impactful and what we may need to change.

We also provide you with detailed, monthly reports to show where and how your investment is paying off.

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Social media marketing is a necessary aspect of building and maintaining your customer base. Whether you want to be on one platform or multiple platforms, Connectica can help you decide on a strategy that is sure to engage your followers with creative, original content and techniques. Contact us today to discuss your options.

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