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Website Redesign

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The landscape of digital marketing is always changing, and every website needs upgrading to produce consistent results. Redesigning your website with forward-thinking elements is an effective way to increase its traffic and maintain relevancy. Consider the following ways to stay competitive with your website design: 

Mobile Compatibility

Currently, 63 percent of all web traffic originates from a phone or tablet device, and future predictions indicate that the percentage will rise. The mobile compatibility of your website will play a large role in determining its success in the short and long-term. For this reason, mobile website design and fluidity plays a key role in satisfying your client.

Considering the mobile bounce rate is near 45 percent, compared to 38 percent of its desktop counterpart, there should be as little infringement on the client’s experience as possible. Nobody likes having to nose-dive into their phone’s screen to make out the content on a website not optimized for mobile viewing. With expectations of a compatible and easy mobile interface growing, potential clients won’t appreciate having to zoom-in, drag across, and rotate sideways to navigate a web page.


Curating the user’s experience on your website to fit their tastes, interests, or location improves interaction with the site and the conversion of those visits. Amazon, Netflix, and Spotify use versions of this personalized experience by analyzing user page views, purchase history, and links clicked. That information allows them to modify future media and product presented to the user that aligns directly with their interests. IP Geolocation is another powerful tool that can generate a more relevant and fulfilling interaction with your website.  Among other things, Geolocation allows you to see where in the world your website is getting visitors from, possibly revealing unknown markets. It can also suggest that there’s a problem in your strategy if a wanted market doesn’t click through as expected.

Voice User Interface (VUI)

Upgrading your website’s SEO practice to incorporate vocal searches is a solid game plan. As virtual assistants become more widely used (think Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri), online searches will be initiated vocally, which makes a big difference in results that are given to the owner. Conversational requests for information are very different from a keyword search. Unless that difference is accounted for, your website might miss out.

Video Marketing

Words can only relay so much. Implementing video into your marketing strategy will help generate brand awareness and make your product or service more accessible and understandable. Aside from providing image associations with your brand, video capitalizes on the passive participation of your potential client and can capture their attention in ways that text simply can’t. Video also helps establish higher rankings on Google and provides a medium in which your products or services can be shared across social media.

Full Utilization of Social Media

While social media isn’t a new focus for marketing, it’s increasing importance in online brand performance means that it’s becoming more of a strategy staple than a side project. Social media is not only an effective way to get in front of potential clients. It also allows unparalleled access to opinion and perception of your brand in the public sphere, revealing faults and weaknesses before they become truly detrimental. Further increasing the value of social media is its cost-effectiveness. There’s no cost for establishing a profile outside of the utilities and labor needed to fulfill it. If the material generated is captivating, engaging, and relevant enough to hold attention and garner followers and likes, it can become an invaluable asset. 

With the future becoming ever-harder to predict and strategize for, it’s a daunting task to successfully plan for what’s next. Like any field, digital marketing is constantly shedding old approaches and responding to new ones. But with a vigilant mind and astute awareness, there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.  

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