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Optimizing your website is important to ensure that people find it – there are many search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, but at the same time, there are also many SEO mistakes that can cause a drop in traffic to your webpage. Let’s take a look at some of these common mistakes and how you can fix them.

Common SEO Mistakes

  1. Choosing Incorrect Keywords

    Selecting the right keywords is critical in order for your website to rank well. One mistake often made in selecting keywords is to forget about the preference of search engines for long-tail keywords. These are phrases that contain at least three words. Long-tail keywords can be more specific about a particular product or service. It’s important to understand what words your potential customers would use to refer to the product or service you offer. Terms that you think are accurate, may mean something completely different to other people. Sometimes shorter keywords can be too generic. We recommend that you do background research be-fore you decide on what keywords to use.

  2. Not Understanding The Backlink Process

    Another common mistake with SEO is to place too much emphasis on the quantity of backlinks. While websites need outside mention to establish credibility, it’s important that these backlinks are acquired naturally. Direct purchasing of backlinks is generally frowned upon and so relationship building is key here. It’s a good idea to leverage local relationships. To build into existing relationships within your community will help to increase your local presence and appeals to your immediate market. Another suggestion is to share content that has been written for specific social channels. The more visibility you can get on social platforms, the more chances you will gain links to your websites. Creating a social awareness and online presence will attract genuine back-links. Remember that quality always outweighs quantity when it comes to backlinks.

  3. Keyword Stuffing

    Believing that using as many keywords as possible in your writing will boost your ratings, couldn’t be further from the truth. Going overboard with using keywords can lead to search engines registering your website as ‘spammy’, which means it actually has a negative influence on your SEO performance. Effective SEO content writing is about finding the right keywords and using them in just the right amount. Remember that quality is king when it comes to writing content. You need to ask what value your content is adding to the reader. Re-search the correct keywords to use and use them tastefully.

  4. Not Using Meta Tags And Descriptions

    Meta tags are page titles and short excerpts that search engines see. When these aren’t used effectively, your rankings will suffer. Search engines simply won’t see you if you don’t have meta tags. On the contrary, if each page has a unique and useful meta tag, search engines will ‘see’ these and will link your page up with people searching for your services or products. Optimize your meta tag and use action words that describe what you have on to offer. It’s also important that you include your keyword into your meta tag in order to increase the likelihood of search engines ranking your webpage well.

  5. Broken Links

    It’s easy to link to a particular site in our content and forget about it. Some of these links stop working, and if we never review the links, they remain in our content. Broken links can turn people off your webpage instantly, as they may perceive your webpage to be outdated and not managed well. People are won over by links that look exciting and relevant. Broken links can also affect your search engine rankings and your website’s domain authority as well. Remember to review your links regularly and update them when needed in order to keep them relevant.

  6. Publishing Plagiarized Content

    Plagiarism affects the quality of your content and search engines penalize this approach. Copying and plagiarizing content is seen as distasteful and not original. Instead of copying other content and trying to recreate it, it’s worth investing in creating original and meaningful content. Plagiarism will lead to your website being down-graded and pushed in the back of search results.

We can all learn by taking note of the above mistakes. At Connectica we are confident that by applying our SEO techniques correctly, your webpage will attract attention and increase in rankings. If you are interested in a free SEO report on your website get in touch with us today.

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