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Graphic Design

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Graphic design plays an important role in SEO, as well as the quality of a webpage or article, and when applied effectively it can increase your website’s rankings in Google. Google analyses words as codes, and so wording is important when it comes to SEO and Google ranking. But we also need to appeal to the people who use Google to attract them to your website, and so we need to take graphic design into account. You as the reader should ask yourself, what is it about an article or webpage that attracts you?

Wise Words

There are several ways to make your SEO user-friendly. For starters, the words that you choose should attract the reader, and so it should be simple and easy to understand at the first glance. When it comes to the text on the actual article or website, the font choice within the website or article should be simple and easy to read, as fancy font may busy the page. Simple fonts look sophisticated, whereas frivoulous fonts can often make a website look unprofessional, depending on the type of website or article. Think of the types of font you would see if you were to view a personal blog in comparison to a coporate company or business.The placement of the text should also flow on the page, and not be placed randomly, as it can confuse the reader. Our eyes naturally scan from left to right and from top to bottom.

Effective Use Of Infographics

Imagine reading a book with lots of exciting pictures compared to a book with just plain text! Infographics are extremely useful as they can be eye catching, visually pleasing to the reader, and can help the reader understand the content of your article. Infographics can also be shared across social media, hereby increasing SEO rankings. If you decide to make use of infographics, be sure that these are colourful and attractive, easy to understand and not too frivoulous or busy. The infographic you choose must actually contribute and relate to the article’s content, as well chosen imagery will strengthen your content.

Alt Tags

Alt tags are usually attached to an image as an alternative text that describes or explains the image. If you have images on your site, you can use alt tags as a means of a call to action. For example if you are selling a product online such as a toaster, you can put an alt tag on the image of the toaster with a call to action such as “buy now for only $30.00”. You can also use an alt tag to explain the image further to help the reader gain an understanding for the purpose of the image and become familiar with the site’s content. An image should always serve a purpose, if you do not have any means of using an alt tag, you might want to rethink using your image.

You can see that overall graphic design, while subtle to the reader who opens the website, plays a significant role in influencing SEO and how it attracts people by making it more user-friendly!

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