Hiring SEO Content Writers Can Make Or Break Your Site

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Does your business have a strong online presence?

The business world has moved online in a big way. If you don’t keep up with current marketing techniques you can easily be left behind. Additionally, the internet has become a crowded space. It’s important to stand out. Do you want your company to rank on Google? You need to follow certain steps. That’s where experienced SEO content writers can make all the difference.

What Does An SEO Content Writer Do?

Hiring a writer well-versed in current SEO practices is one way to help you to focus on your business without worrying about the performance of your website.

But what does an SEO content writer actually do?

In a structured and strategic way, an SEO copywriter crafts informative and relevant content for your website. This includes main website content and blog posts. SEO writers look at a given set of keywords and follow the best practices to help the content rank in search engines, such as Google.

By focusing on search engine optimization, an SEO content writer creates engaging content that is streamlined for the web. Additionally, it’s designed to be desktop and mobile-friendly.

How SEO Content Helps Your Website

SEO content optimizes your website. Ultimately, this allows search engines to easily find the content you’re posting. This content can refer to website pages, blog posts, product pages, lists, and guides.

  • Targets Quality Traffic

    When your content is written using the correct keywords, there’s a higher chance that the reader intent will be met. SEO content serves as an inbound marketing strategy that works by attracting customers to your brand rather than reaching out (as is done with emailing and paid adverts).

    This means that the visitors trafficking your website are looking for the answers and services that you provide. This is what we in the industry call meaningful engagement.

  • Organic Traffic Vs. Paid Content

    By following Google’s algorithm, an SEO content writer improves the chance of a post or page ranking in an organic way. The alternative is to pay for ads by way of pay-per-click (PPC). This can be a costly exercise and not necessarily provide the same valuable results.

    While there is a small cost involved with hiring a professional SEO writer, the investment is long-term. Specifically because the content will continue to attract traffic to your website.

  • Improved Click-Through Rate

    Research has shown that although pay-per-click adverts typically appear above organic results, the click-through-rate for organic posts is higher.

    The reason for this higher click-through-rate is thought to be the trust that users have in Google’s algorithm to feed them the best results for their queries.

  • Added Value for PR

    A skilled SEO writer creates original, authoritative content that boosts your rankings on search engines. It will also contribute to a positive public relations (PR) value. A combination of link building and organic content speaks volumes for potential PR opportunities.

    Want an extra boost? You can strategically align your SEO content with PR opportunities. A full-service digital marketing agency will allow you to leverage these connections and maximize your online reputation management.

  • Rank Higher Than Your Competition

    Think about it. How many times do you click through to the second page of your Google search results? Probably not many. The higher you rank in the search results, the better the chance of people clicking through to your website.

    An experienced SEO content writer uses proper techniques to help your website rank for your desired keywords. This helps elevate you above your competition in search engines.

Hire An SEO Content Writer

There’s a big difference between an average piece of content and an effectively written SEO article. Take full advantage of the investment in quality SEO content. Hire the best company with case studies to back it up.

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