Content Marketing: How The Facebook Algorithm Ranks Content

How Can The Facebook Algorithm Boost Your Content Marketing?

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Why is the Facebook algorithm important to content marketers? Well, it ultimately decides if people are going to see your company’s Facebook marketing posts. The algorithm stipulates which posts users see when they check their Facebook feed. Additionally, it also decides what order they see them. When it comes to content marketing for your brand, this algorithm plays a big part in determining whether your efforts are worthwhile or not.

This algorithm is intending to help create a better experience for Facebook users. Instead of seeing every post in chronological order, the algorithm evaluates every post and ranks it based on the individual user preferences. The idea of ranking content on social media aims to filter out irrelevant Facebook marketing posts so that people only see what they want. This means that brands need to channel their content marketing efforts towards creating content that people want to engage with.

Breaking Down The Facebook Algorithm To Boost Your Content Marketing Strategy

Let’s take a deeper dive into how the Facebook algorithm ranks content, and how brands can use this information to their advantage.

Machine Learning Ranking Strategy

The Facebook algorithm uses machine learning which makes use of a combination of algorithms to rank content for its users. These algorithms review different information about a post before deciding if it’s relevant to a user or not.

For example, if a post contains clickbait, then Facebook is likely to filter it out. Another example is topics. Facebook will accumulate topics overtime of what a user interacts with and then create a list. If future posts fall within this list of relevant topics, then the post is likely to rank higher for that user.

As content marketers, it’s important to focus on creating content that adds value to our desired target audience. We don’t want to waste time on putting out content that is likely to get filtered out anyway.

Post Characteristics

A post characteristic can be something like colorful imagery or video, animal content, or if friends of a user are tagged in the post. Facebook uses these post characteristics to determine if the post is going to be shown on a members news feed. This also determines how high it’s going to be ranked for that Facebook member.

When considering this ranking factor, it’s important to create content that includes a variety of characteristics. Using this Facebook marketing strategy means you’re likely to create posts that include something for everyone in your target audience.

Post Recency

Time recency is used as a ranking factor for Facebook content. This means that more recently shared stories in your news feed are likely to rank higher than older posts. This ranking factor confirms the idea that posting the same content at different times of the day means you are likely to reach more of your audience.

Past Post Engagement

The Facebook algorithm also makes use of a user’s engagement with previous posts, in order to predict whether they will want to engage with your post or not. This means that your content is likely to rank higher with an audience that has engaged with similar content before. Your content marketing strategy should always include research of what similar brands are doing. It should also draw inspiration from posts that have high engagement and likes.

Different Ranking Signals Carry Different Weight For Each User

Although each of these ranking signals are important to the Facebook algorithm, each signal carries different weight for each user. This means that as a content marketer, you should give equal attention to each ranking signal in order to reach more of your desired target audience. In order for your content to be successful, your posts should inspire different forms of engagement from every user.

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