Top Tips for Effective Marketing Video Production

How Do I Produce A Marketing Video?

marketing video production

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Video is a powerful marketing tool, boasting an impressive return on investment. However, not all videos are created equal, and a badly produced video can have a negative impact on a brand’s reputation rather than a positive one.

The secret to video marketing success is to produce a meaningful and effective marketing video — and our expert video production team is here to tell you how!

The Power of Video Marketing

Recent research shows that video can be a highly effective marketing technique, and its value has been demonstrated in several statistics such as the following.

  • 89% of video marketers report that video has offered positive ROI
  • 83% of marketers admit that video plays a key role in lead generation
  • 87% of marketers say that video has helped to increase traffic to their website
  • 80% of marketers credit video with helping increase sales

Top Tips to Produce an Effective Marketing Video

Now that you understand the value of video marketing, it’s time to put together an effective video. If you’re wondering how to produce a marketing video, consider the following tips.

Focus on a Story and Showcase Your Brand’s Personality

Unless you operate within a very niche business, there’s a good chance that you have your fair share of competitors targeting your audience’s attention. So, what makes your brand stand out from the rest? Why should customers choose your services over others?

Cut through the sales clutter by telling your unique story. Focus on highlighting the value of your brand while communicating a relatable message. For example, showcase the origins of the business, your mission, company culture, and reveal the people behind the work. Don’t forget to add a strategic call to action as well!

Prioritize the First 10 Seconds

Let’s face it, there is a lot of sales clutter online. Rather than throw in the towel and abandon your marketing efforts, it’s important to streamline your strategy and capture your audience’s attention within the first 10 seconds of your marketing video.

Hook your audience by asking an engaging question, shocking them with a visual, or building suspense within the opening seconds of your marketing video. From here, you can build on the narrative and suspend their curiosity through a carefully crafted script and powerful imagery.

Offer Value

Each marketing video should have a purpose, which needs to pivot around offering value to the audience. Whether you’re educating your audience, promoting a product, or introducing the team, the purpose of the video should be clear and offer value to the viewers.

When executed strategically, the video will contribute to lead generation, improve organic traffic, and increase loyal customers. In addition, your video should be to the point, easy to digest, and have a strong call to action.

Don’t Neglect Technical Aspects

While content creation is a creative process, technical elements still need to be considered. If you want to maximize the ROI on your video, then the following details should be front of mind when sharing your content across various platforms.

  • Consider the format across platforms and devices
  • Apply search engine optimization (SEO) tactics to ensure your video is seen by the right people
  • Use high-quality footage
  • Embed videos properly on your website to avoid slow-loading websites

Planning to upload your marketing video to YouTube? Read our guide on how to get more views on YouTube!

Expert Video Production Services in Florida

What better way to produce an astounding marketing video than with the help of an experienced video production company? At Connectica, we have all that’s needed to produce a dynamic and engaging video for your brand.

Forget the grainy mobile footage and muffled sound and create a killer video that will inform and empower your clients.

Ready to get started? Contact our friendly and helpful digital marketing team to find out more! You can also follow Connectica on Facebook for more digital marketing tips and tricks.

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