How To Create Content That Gets Shared

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In the modern age there are many options from where we can gather information; from printed copy to social media, apps, blogs, and dedicated websites. In this article, we’ll discuss style strategies and tips to create content that gets shared and keeps readers engaged.

Create Compelling Content

The first sentence has to include captivating keywords; the benchmark in content writing. A strong keyword sentence will guide the reader to a good story, which engages a potential customer and inspires readers to learn more about a service or product.

It’s important to write in a voice that is relatable to your reader. Parents are less likely to read content about motocross racing than actual racers and hobbyists. Understanding who your client’s audience is allows you to frame content appropriately.

If you’re writing about a home remodel, give clear and concise information. New Mexico homeowners, for example, have different requirements than Florida homeowners. Always provide quick external links to the client’s contact or quote page so a potential customer doesn’t have to search for it. If a client offers a regional service or a special promotion, also provide direct links.

Just the Facts Jack

Because we often lack time and resources, we tend to want to get right to the source of the information we’re searching for: Who makes the best weed wacker? Where’s the best flight deal to Hawaii? Where can I find an SEO content writer for my business?

As of 2019, Google is ranked as The Best Search Engine in the World by statistical use. In the previous sentence, a link has been provided giving the reader a direct hyperlink to an article that explains Google’s 78.3% global share.

Content should be interesting, but also useful and shareable. Guide the reader on cost-saving tips and comparisons. Provide high-lights for a travel destination or the benefits of the best-selling natural pet food on the market. A bullet point list should be between 5 – 10 points maximum. Beyond that and you’re likely to lose a reader within minutes. The bullet point list gets a reader’s attention and is more likely to get shared.

Headers and Sub Headers

Once you have your story mapped out, the next step is organizing your content into sections by headers and subheaders. The most commonly used headers are H1 (title) and H2 (subheader). H1s and H2s are essentially macro-formatting styles built-in to most word processing applications. Using headers clearly identifies each section of an article in boldface. Online readers move on quickly, so you want to provide well-organized content that keeps them reading and sharing content.

Research and Images

In content writing, you don’t want to sound like an academic writing about HVAC systems, but you do want to sound knowledgeable and accurate. This is where research is critical in creating quality content for readers. Content writing is designed to a specific demographic or customer base. Niche markets such as beauty, home remodeling, and travel often have high share ratio from blog posts because readers in those markets share resources and stories.

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