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How To Use Google Business Profile To Get More Customers

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Today, there is no better way to spread the word about a business than through the internet. In fact, a 21st-century business is unlikely to survive without a thriving internet presence.

This includes a website, active social media accounts, and a Google Business Profile ( formerly called “Google My Business”).

These features will help your business shoot to the top of search engine results using Google search, maps, and specialized SEO keywords.

Read on to learn more about how Google Business Profiles can help you.

What Is “Google Business Profile”?

Google business profile manager is simple to understand and use. You provide photos and relevant information of your company services or products in the appropriate spaces provided. You’ll also want to include your location and relevant photos, including of the inside and outside of your business property, to help potential customers find it easily.

This free profile is just one free way to increase visibility across all Google features. This includes Google Shopping, Google Maps, and Google Search. These features work together to propel your business to the top of the search results when people search for your product or services. Some examples of relevant keyword search terms include “best Italian restaurants in South Florida” or “Fort Lauderdale shoe store.”

Keep in mind that this profile works only for businesses that have contact with their customers. According to Google guidelines, unlike online shops that rarely communicate with customers except via phone or email, Google Business profiles are ideal for businesses with brick-and-mortar locations or in-person services.

This can include restaurants, clothing stores, landscapers, etc. If your shop is online only, there are other tools you can use for promotion, such as Google Analytics and ads.

Why You Need A Google Business Profile Account

The Internet is a non-negotiable marketing feature for businesses these days. Here’s how a Google My Business account can help you:

You’ll Get Discovered More Easily

Business location on Google Maps

Google helps improve foot and web traffic to your business through SEO keywords and Google Maps. If you include your location in your profile, your business will show up if people search for “electricians near me.”

Update Your Business Information

Will you have limited hours on certain holidays? Are you closing early one day so you can make it to your kid’s dance recital? Let customers know by putting that information directly into your business profile. The local SEO Google feature will help you rank above similar businesses whose hours are outdated or otherwise not posted.

Build Trust Through Customer Interaction

Customer Interaction

Customer reviews are one of the best ways to build up credibility with the community. While you can’t control the type of reviews that come through, you do have the ability to respond to them. This way, if you happen to receive negative reviews, you can do some “damage control” by responding courteously to the customer and offering to make things right. This allows potential new customers to see that you run your business with integrity.

Hopefully, you won’t have to deal with many negative reviews, and the positive ones will speak for themselves as to why your business is worth the money. Google has also found that a mix of positive and negative reviews is best for establishing credibility. Too many positive reviews can look somewhat suspicious!

Marketing Help For Your South Florida Business

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