How To Use Google Trends For Your SEO & Content Marketing Strategy

SEO & Content Marketing Strategy

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Billions of questions are put into Google daily, and even more answers are pushed out. Imagine having a good, long look at its search patterns. You would know the population’s most asked questions and most loved topics… Wouldn’t that be useful for your content marketing?

Google Search Trends gives you that good, long look. With diagrams and easy to read data, the platform can inform your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy and keep you up to date on what keywords are popular in your area of work.

What Is Google Search Trends?

Google Search Trends is a tool that displays the relative popularity of all Google searches, measured according to the total number of searches in a certain time and place. It is completely free and makes use of both real-time and historical data samples in a given period of time and translates the numbers into a useful, readable format for its users. You can see visual comparisons of traffic levels for different keywords or phrases.

It is divided into different sections for you to explore any term or phrase, letting you look through trending searches or a certain year’s search topic history. Historical data is available for every year from 2001 onwards.

The ‘Explore’ Section

The Explore section is most useful for business owners and marketers. It is highly customizable and informative, offering a chart that arranges the interest in a word/phrase over time with scores between 0 and 100. It also provides regional and related search references.

You have the option to subscribe to a topic, as well as trending or region-based searches, keeping you in the know about industry news that will affect your SEO and content marketing strategy.

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Why Should You Use Google Trends?

There are hundreds of SEO tools available – why should Google Search Trends be one of your favored options? We have many reasons, but you’ll only need these two to be convinced.

  • Google Dominates the Search Engine Market

    With a near-monopoly on the search engine market, Google processes more daily queries than several of its competitors combined. This means that any data they produce will be authentic and comprehensive.

  • It’s Free

    Why not take advantage of one of the best SEO research tools that won’t cost you anything? Google Trends gives you invaluable insight into how to keep your content relevant.

How Can Google Trends Affect Your SEO Strategy?

  • Understand Keyword Traffic

    Since Google Trends does not tell you the precise data of keywords, but rather the relative traffic, you will need to compare keywords with ones with traffic levels you are familiar with. Once you know the amount of traffic for one keyword, you can use that knowledge to figure out the traffic of another, beating the algorithm one keyword at a time.

  • Content Marketing Insight

    Google Trends allows you to look at keyword data in two main ways – over long periods of time, and over short periods of time.

    Longer period insights allow you to look at the traffic over the past five years. This information is a good way to familiarize yourself with audience trends – which will either be upwards or downwards.

    • Upward long period trends show that the keyword’s traffic is growing – so creating content for this trend will be beneficial.
    • Downward long period trends show that the audience is losing interest in the content.

    Using this information can help you plan future content by showing you where your focus will be the most beneficial.

    Short period insights let you view trends for the past 90 or even 30 days, giving you a powerful tool to maximize your content marketing by seeing what days of the week different searches are most popular.

  • Sort Keywords

    The ability to filter your keywords by different categories gives you more relevant and accurate data on the keywords. You can also filter keywords by geographic location – letting you see what areas would be best to approach with your content.

    This geographical data can be used to enhance your ranking. You can take the geographical information and update your content to be applicable to the largest amount of people. This will result in a higher Google ranking because your page will be relevant to more people.

SEO Marketing Strategies in Fort Lauderdale

Google Trends is an extremely useful tool that keeps its data easy to understand and even easier to implement into your approach to SEO and content marketing. If you need help with your SEO strategy, call the experts at Connectica today at 1-877-816-2259. We’ve been making your website look and act smarter since 2012.

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