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Powerful SEO Content

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Writing SEO content can help combat one of the major issues concerning online marketing: your web page going unread. A well written page description will help readers choose your article on the first click by informing them of the page’s core content. We’ve all made searches online and seen our keywords pop up in the results – although, we’ve noticed the suggested search results don’t always match what we’re looking for. When a search result takes us directly to the page we want, that’s a sign of well written SEO content. Writing content with search engine optimization in mind can help your readers (potential customers) find your page.

Readers are far more likely to click on content that appears to answer their questions. A description that, from the get-go, announces they have a solution to a problem will be a popular web page for readers. This is where the meta description comes into play: a short and focused synopsis of the article must be available to give necessary information to readers. This summary will appear on the search engine’s results page (SERPs), so keeping it concise and relevant will help assure people that your page is the best one to click on.

Another factor that plays into visibility and web page visits is keyword and geolocation marker usage.

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The Importance of Keywords and Geolocation Markers

Gone are the days of focusing on a keyword and sprinkling throughout your content in the hopes of ranking. Search engines are far more adept at identifying the intention and meaning of language used to make up a piece of content. Today’s content relies on Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI). Where keywords used to signal what type of content an article was about to search engines, search engines have now evolved to understand the context of a particular piece of content. It has now become essential for writers to use derivatives of keywords, language specific to the focus of the topic, and accurate terminology related to the content being written. Repetition of a targeted keyword – as per old school SEO techniques – will make your reader bored, and you run the risk of your page not showing up in searches without the exact keywords.

Geolocation markers, on the other hand, are exceptionally helpful for companies only offering services in certain areas. If you’re posting for a bakery in New York, you’ll want your readers to be clicking through to your page from New York. This way, your readers can become your customers. By including the location of your store or business, you’ll help streamline your way to the top of the search results.

Once readers have been drawn to your page, it’s time to look at content.

Keeping Your Readers Interested With Focused Content

Congratulations, people have clicked through to your page! Now comes the important part: making them stay. Your article format should draw all the attention to the information your readers are looking for. People are more likely to scan the page for the information they want instead of reading through the full piece. Long introductions, irrelevant content, and paragraphs of text without any divisions will only serve to divert your reader elsewhere.

The first step to proper formatting is using sub-headings. Using a bold font will draw your reader’s attention to each part of the page, and to the section that they need to see the most. With text divided into sections, you’ll have a much better chance of combatting the dreaded online reader fatigue. Shorter sentences and focused, relevant details will keep your page easy on the eyes, and easy on the mind of your readers.

Useful Tips for SEO Content and Topic Selection

Creating compelling and authoritative SEO content is not as straightforward as it seems. With these quick tips you will have a good head start.

  • Keep It Relevant

    It’s a good idea to do research online and see what other companies or blogs are posting about. Latching onto the buzz in the social media world can help you jump in on common searches and keep your content and your brand relevant.

  • Keep Your Reader’s Attention

    Long sentences will test the attention of your reader, and may push them away all together. By keeping sentences short and easy to read language, you’re well on your way to keeping your reader interested in your website.

  • Use Keywords Sparingly

    Search engine optimization was designed around keywords. However, times have changed as search engines have become sensitive to people trying to fudge rankings with overusing keywords (keyword stuffing). Instead try using associated language to account for similar searches that will push you higher on the results page.

  • Make It Easy To Read

    Sub-headings, bullet points, and lists all improve your reader’s or potential client’s experience on your page, and therefore with your brand. Information should be visible, allowing them to get the answers they need and feel compelled to read more or inquire about your services.

  • Keep Your Audience In Mind

    When writing for blogs, careful consideration should be taken regarding your tone and the relevancy of the topic. Reading up on content that’s being posted elsewhere will not only give you an idea of how to structure your article for search engine optimization, but also how to address your audience.

  • Offer The Solution

    If you have a chance at answering your reader’s questions, then do so. Provide a call to action: give contact details and links to other pages on your website. Let each page turn a reader into a customer.

At Connectica, we can help you create the SEO content you need to use search engines to your best advantage. Contact us today to see how we can help transform your brand online!

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