Optimize Your Website with SEO

Organic or PPC – the Best of Both Worlds

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Optimize Your Website with SEO

With the high level of competitive business in South Florida, search engine marketing (SEM) techniques are crucial tools for your internet marketing campaign. Two popular SEM techniques used are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC). SEO results in organic listings, whilst PPC traffic is paid for.

Organic Search results
Optimizing your online content with SEO has potential to elevate your business to the top of the search rankings, increase your website quality, and improve its navigational value in an organic way.

Search engines have two main functions, and a result:

  1. Crawling
  2. Indexing
  3. Ranking

A website that is designed strategically will be beneficial for both internet crawling, and provide easy navigation for users. Ideally, your site will appear when search engines “crawl” for updated or relevant content.

If the process of crawling is done correctly, you can accurately monitor how your pages are being indexed and potential problems can be detected. Search engines compile a large index of words, and their location. The information is sorted by the search engine’s algorithm and compared to similar pages.

Ranking is the tangible progress of SEO. Search engines use keywords to check pages within their index, and find a closest match. If your site is crawled and indexed correctly, then your site will rank well.

There are several benefits to using SEO and the organic search approach to increase the popularity of your site:

  • Low cost – in comparison to other search techniques
  • Increase in traffic – as seen through various tools such as Google Analytics
  • Brand credibility – typically when Google ranks a brand highly in search, the source is viewed as trustworthy
  • Satisfactory return on investment – people clicking to your website are actively looking for the keyword that is matched to your service
  • Stand out – among the 250 million websites that exist, SEO will make sure that yours is noticed
  • Customer data – SEO gives insight into what people are searching for
  • Permanent results – there is no time limit to your SEO suitability, and the website does not disappear when you stop paying. All it needs is a little bit of maintenance

Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns
PPC is a branch of internet marketing that operates off a model of paid advertising. Opposite to the organic approach taken by SEO, search engine advertising allows advertisers to bid for ad placement as a “sponsored link” alongside search results. If an advert is clicked on (and the viewer continues to the site), the brand owes a small fee to the search engine.

For a PPC campaign to be successful, a lot of research needs to go in to the advert’s keywords, ad groups and organized landing pages.

PPC campaigns offer their unique benefits to a business:

  • You pay for active interest – because you only pay per click, the viewer who clicks on your advert is actively interested in your offer
  • You can control your costs – PPC sets your budget per your needs and resources, and you can cap the final charge
  • Your target is refined – your targeted consumer can be controlled to the point of specific time and place, and this results in a very specific message
  • PPC has quick results – traffic and conversion results are short term and fast
  • Data for marketing – PPC data can add to your other marketing channels

Both PPC and SEO add value to your online pages’ traffic, conversion and optimization. Ultimately, online marketing is critical to have your company stand out!

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