There’s A Lot to Organic Search Engine Optimization

How Organic Search Rankings Are Created

organic search engine optimization

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There’s A Lot to Organic Search Engine Optimization

Every time an individual types something into a search engine they are presented with two types of results: paid-for results (i.e. adverts) and organic search results. Organic search engine optimization uses complex algorithms to ensure businesses are visible to the right consumers, and the paid-for model simply puts content at the consumers feet. It isn’t easy to tell the difference between the two, and nowadays we even find content that shares aspects of both. Because of this consumers have become cautious of paid-for content, and tend to steer towards results that are generated by relevance to their search terms. For businesses looking to optimize their visibility and reach the front of the search engine results, and stay there, organic search engine optimization is the most reliable, and by far the most rewarding, strategy.

Organic search engine optimization may seem like a complicated task but it is really quite logical. Businesses identify keywords that their consumer base is likely to use in a search engine. These keywords show the interests and needs of web users, and business can create awesome, attractive content using these keywords to connect users with their needs. This process of identifying and using keywords – but only those used by the business’s consumer base – improves the ranking of certain web pages.

What does ‘organic’ mean?
The term ‘organic’ was first used to describe search engine results back in 2004. An internet theorist used the term to distinguish actual search results from the advertisements, which by this stage were an invasive presence on the web. Web users in 2004 were not able to tell the difference between relatively less-relevant ads, which were generally presented at the top of a search engine’s results, and relevant links. Nowadays advertisements are presented separately from organic search engine results, which makes it easier for users to avoid them if they so please.

Why go “organic”?
Research shows that modern users click organic search results more frequently than ads and this is why it’s important for businesses to generate attractive, original content in order to move up the search engine rankings. The best way to create organic content is to do a bit of research on the type of language used by your consumers, and target your content towards them by creating interesting and informative articles.

Using keywords to improve your search ranking
The most efficient way of using organic search optimization to improve your business’s search ranking is for content writers to use the best variation of keywords. Before content is created businesses should conduct an extensive study of their target consumers’ search history, and the language they use. The strategy here is not to select keywords based on search volume; this makes it much harder to move up in the rankings, as your business will be competing with far too many others. Rather, keywords that are specifically related to your business’s location, as well as its product or service, will attract the right kind of users to your webpage and quickly improve your search rankings.

Reader Beware!
Some writers think that cramming content full of keywords is the most effective way to improve rankings: it is not! A well-researched collection of keywords, and variations of these keywords, will help search engines to determine what your page is about and so connect you with interested users more easily. This benefits web users, who can quickly find the products or service they need, and businesses, who are more visible to buyers. However, it is more important to create fresh, up-to-date content that searchers will want to read and share. Providing reliable and accurate information through blog posts and articles will also ensure that readers trust you as an authority on the subject, share your articles, and become paying customers. The idea behind having content and keywords is that if you are creating content that is relevant to your business and your consumers, you will naturally include important keywords into your content.

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