Personalized SEO Services Increase Rankings

The Power of Personalization

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Personalized SEO Services Increase Rankings

Personalized marketing is the new rage in the corporate world, as companies become more aware of the need for tailored advertising. This is where Search Engine Optimization companies, which create high quality content and generate relevant backlinks, come into play. SEO services are now more than ever becoming integral to increase turnover rates.

What is Personalized Marketing?
Everyone has received some form of subscription letter or mass email at some point in his or her life. Most of the time, these emails aren’t even opened, let alone read through. Although it may start off with ‘Dear Jess’, these newsletters aren’t tailored to her. Jess might like organic tea and cookbooks, but she still receives the same emails as Dave, who likes cars and kitten posters. Neither Jess nor Dave is catered to specifically, and this is where quality, personalized marketing comes into play.

Because it’s becoming harder and harder to grab an audience’s attention in this fast paced age, personalized marketing is integral. Companies need to tailor their content to fit their audience’s desires rather than trying to pump out as much content as possible. A lot of the time, companies believe that they need to purchase consumer data in order to segment their customers into different categories, but more often than not a business is sitting on a goldmine of information just waiting to be sorted. All you need to do is use this information to create more relevant, targeted messages and advertising campaigns.

What are Backlinks?
Backlinks are URLs embedded into specific webpages that link to other webpages. Whenever you click something on one website and land up on another, you have clicked onto a backlink.

Backlinks are incredibly useful in improving SEO rankings. Although it used to be very easy to increase your ranking by simply having multiple backlinks from any site, Google now requires backlinks to not only be contextual, but also high quality. Think of it this way: if you have a website that sells kitten posters, Dave might include a backlink to your webpage on his website about kittens. This is a contextual backlink that Google will use to evaluate your SEO rankings. However, if Jess includes a link to your website on her site about organic tea, Google will consider this an irrelevant link. The more relevant the backlink, the higher it’s quality, and the more recognition you will receive.

Quality Over Quantity
It may be tempting to create a whole lot of backlinks in a short period of time to increase traffic to your site, but this won’t organically increase your ranking. As we’ve mentioned, backlinks from niche sites that don’t correlate with your own won’t help you place higher, and can make your website seem less reputable. Customers are constantly bombarded with advertising online, and quickly skip over anything that doesn’t seem legitimate. This is why sending out quality messages every now and then, or spending more time personalizing your emails, has greater effect than simply sending out bulk mail.

At the end of the day, one of the best things you can do is hire a SEO company that will create quality content linked to your website, which in turn will help increase your traffic and ranking. Personalized content that caters to customers directly will benefit you in the long run.

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