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How PPC Provides Better Business Rewards

PPC: what is it?
PPC (or Pay per Click) can be complex to the layman. A part of online brand building, PPC refers to a means of internet advertising that is used to direct traffic to a particular website. In the most simplistic terms PPC can be defined as “the amount spent to get an advertisement clicked”. More specifically, when a search query is made that triggers your advertisement the publisher of the advertisement is paid every time that particular ad is clicked by a user.

Building the lead
The best type of lead that any business owner is looking for is a qualified business lead, what makes PPC such a powerful tool in today’s digital marketing world is just that. The potential customer has typed in the keyword you are targeting; the potential customer has a known track record of searches, likes, and dislikes. If your PPC campaign is set up correctly, these customers will see your adverts, thus bringing a highly qualified lead to your website. How does this all work?

Auction time!
The PPC process is, in essence, an auction. While there are many factors that go into an ad campaign, the top reasons that your advert gets coverage is based on two important reasons:

  1. How much you are prepared to bid for a keyword.
  2. The relevancy/quality of your landing page (the page a visitor will land on once they click on your advert).

The auction in detail
To trigger the appearance of your advertisement when a search is made by a user, you will need to bid on keywords that pertain to your website and enter into an auction process. To enter into the auction and bidding process you first need to identify the keywords that will direct users to your business. For example, if you are a plumber you would probably look at keywords like “clogged drains”, “rooter service” or “24-hour plumber”. Once you have selected your keywords you will then need to decide and set the spend limits for a potential auction. Each keyword that triggers the appearance of your ad will determine the price you pay when that ad is clicked. This is called Cost per Click (CPC).

Quality of the result is what counts
Thereafter, every time a user searches for something that could potentially trigger your ad, an auction is run. This auction determines which ads will be displayed for that particular search and in what order. The auction process is more complex than a traditional auction and having your ad appear will depend on an assessment (made by a program such as AdWords) of your keyword for each auction and then calculate its Quality Score. The Quality Score is based on an algorithm that takes into account the recent performance of your particular keywords as well as your ad, relevancy of the two to the original search, as well as a few other factors. Ultimately, the higher the score, the lower the bid requirement. Thus having your ad appear when a search is conducted depends on a balance of your CPC as well as your quality score.

Who should use PPC?
No matter the type of competition or business market you are in, PPC can typically help you get the type of sales you are looking for. Owing to the possibility of being priced out of purchasing any commercials or from buying search engine optimization services to get organic traffic you really need to consider a well-organized PPC campaign.

If you want to boost traffic to your website, investing in a short-term PPC campaign will be your best bet for value for money. Part of your PPC strategy should be the creation of strong landing pages. These pages alone will contribute significantly to higher conversions – this means that the quality of visitors to your site will be much higher and targeted towards the services or products that you offer – thus converting simple searchers into actual customers.

In this modern age the consumer now has everything available at the touch of a button. With so much rivalry in the marketplace it can be difficult to make your business presence felt online. Through pay per click your chances of having your product accessible and not hidden under mountains of information increase. You will have a clearer picture of what your target market is searching for and what keywords bring you the most revenue. You will also be able to keep your online business image firmly placed in an ever more competitive market. In the case that both your competition and you are on a par with your PPC it will come down to who has the best advert.

Do you need expert help?
PPC can do wonders for a business – especially when in the hands of a capable and experienced SEO professional. Understanding the jargon, intricacies, and subtleties of PPC, while not entirely impossible, can be mindboggling and time consuming. By hiring a professional, not only will they bring their inside knowledge of the online marketing world to your business, but you will also be hiring someone who comes with a PPC certification.

For more information about PPC marketing for your business, contact Connectica Inc. today.

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