Quiz: Did You Know That Content Is King?

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When it comes to content creation and SEO, how much do you really know?

If you have a website and are selling a product or service, having high-quality content and using the best current SEO practices should be an important part of the digital marketing strategy for your brand.

Quick Refresh: What Is SEO?

Search engine optimization or (SEO) is a technique used to get unpaid, organic traffic from search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo! These search engines “crawl” or scan websites to learn what the site is about. It is for this reason that having relevant, authoritative, and most importantly, original content is vital.

When SEO and content are done correctly, you should see first-page ranking results on search engines. The higher you rank on sites like Google, the more leads you can generate into revenue for your business.

Take the quiz below to gain some insight on how SEO and content function as a part of your website. You’ll also learn some tricks of the trade that you can do yourself!

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1. How many blog posts are published on the internet every day?

add blog articles to your site
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4.5 million, that's A LOT! See, we’re trying to tell you – the competition is tough! That’s why you need solid content creation! Establishing and maintaining a well-written blog gave businesses 13% more of an ROI in 2019, yet it costs 62% less than traditional marketing.

2. How many seconds does the average person take to read a blog post?

how long do people read blogs?
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37 seconds, that’s it! Better make your blog content stand-out! (And we have A LOT of ideas for that!)

3. Which page is more likely to be featured as a snippet on Google?

google snippet
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A page that already ranks in the “top 10” is more likely to be featured on a Google snippet and we can help you get there! We have experience and our methods work. With authoritative, well-researched, and original content and an SEO strategy designed for success!

4. This one is a little difficult… What kind of content is more likely to generate backlinks?

get more backlinks
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According to Buzzsumo & Moz, original research, guides, and lists are the most linkable kind of content on your website. …It’s looking more and more like you need GREAT content, huh?

5. What is the ideal length a blog post should be to maximize on user-engagement?

what do you know?
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Did you know that blog posts with 1,500 words or more are 68% more likely to be shared on Twitter & 22% more likely to be liked on Facebook? We understand that’s a lot of words. This is why we have over 30 SEO-trained writers that can write about your brand!

6. Companies that blog get:

blogs create better roi
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Companies that blog get 97% more links to their websites. That's almost 100%... How often is your brand or company blogging? We can help you get started!

7. Blog titles with 6-14 words attract the highest amount and the most consistent stream of traffic.

how long are effective articles
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It's true. SEO is a science, and we've figured it out.

8. Blog articles with images and videos get ___ more views than blog articles without.

content is king
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94% is serious. Lucky for you, Connectica has that covered too! Video production, content, and graphics—we do it all!

How’d you do? For more tips and freebies on SEO and all aspects of digital marketing, check out our Tech Talk blog. You can also like and subscribe to our Facebook page for weekly updates on how you can improve your online presence!

Digital Marketing Services In Fort Lauderdale

Maybe you haven’t put much thought into your website’s content creation plan. Perhaps you want to rank higher and increase sales, but you don’t know where to start. Maybe you’re tired of dealing with corporate digital marketing agencies that are too big and often lack that personal touch. Whatever your online woes are, Connectica can help.

We have a team of digital marketing experts that thrive on creativity and specialize in all areas of SEO, but we don’t just stop there. From social media to website design and development, we do it all.

Content can take many forms and every brand and demographic is different! We understand that. This is why we tailor content plans around your business. We do all the research; we find out what works, what doesn’t and then we implement a strategy accordingly. From blog posts and video production to press releases and interactive games or quizzes, with a team of 30 content creators, there is nothing we can’t do.

Our business is your business. Contact Connectica at 877-816-2259 to talk about your business’s digital marketing strategy, today.

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