Search Engine Marketing: Using Target Impression For Your PPC Campaigns

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Target impression share bidding cropped up in the last couple of years to simplify the process brands go through when they advertise their business on search engines like Google. Although Google’s bidding process ultimately streamlines search engine marketing for businesses, it may be intimidating for those who are unfamiliar with this. This guide will serve novices and the more experienced alike in getting a deeper understanding of how to use target impression for your pay-per-click campaigns.

What Is Target Impression?

Target impression is a method of search engine marketing that uses advertiser’s preferences for the percentage of their audience they want to reach with a certain keyword search and desire for a certain location on the page. Google offers several more nuanced metrics to understanding your target impression campaign, but broadly the numbers will describe how well you are reaching your targeted audience based on the keywords and your bidding budget as well as how often your ads appear in top positions on a search engine results page (even if not in the absolute top position).

What Impression Share Metrics Reveal

The statistics that Google generates for your ad campaigns will allow you to diagnose issues in your advertising or help you understand why your current campaign may be working well. These metrics will tell you how well your budget reflects your desire to impress upon a certain percentage of your targeted audience, how often you reach that audience with your budget and keywords, and how many impressions you actually get relative to how many your ads were eligible for, among other things. Being numerically literate will go a long way in helping you more effectively utilize your advertising resources.

Understanding Automated Target Impression Share Bidding

In the last couple of years, Google has been refining its automated bidding strategy. With this system, advertisers fill in some information about their intended impression rate, desired placement of ad (absolute top, top, or anywhere on the SERP), the location of their targeted audience, and the maximum price they would pay for each click. Google will do the rest to optimize ad positioning and impressions with this information. This would hopefully allow Google’s algorithm to stimulate more conversations and generate more clicks on your ad.

Solving Campaign Issues

Once you analyze the statistical breakdown that Google provides, you can begin improving areas of your campaign that seem to be faltering. Here are a few strategies you may want to use to increase impressions depending on the issues you have identified.

  • Re-evaluate Your Budget

    The maximum cost-per-click you are willing to pay should reflect how ambitious your goals are. A couple of Google’s features are dedicated to budget analysis, and they will tell you how often an insufficient budget prevents your ad from showing on the search or display network. Increasing your bidding budget may rectify this. However, if your brand is unable to devote more money toward increasing bid amount, understand that this may not help your lagging impressions rate.

  • Know Where Your Audience Is

    Depending on what type of business you operate, you may be able to adjust your bidding strategy to target a smaller regional or local area. This would decrease the overall number of impressions but may be worthwhile if you are looking for quality of engagement and conversations over the number of clicks alone.

  • Use Search Engine Optimization Strategy

    Google’s SEO algorithm favors organic and quality advertising over clickbait. With this in mind, increasing the quality of your ad or adjusting your keywords could marginally help your ad campaign.

Seek Collaboration

If you are still curious about understanding target impression for your PPC advertising campaigns, consult Connectica, which can partner with your brand to help you navigate the process of search engine marketing. Contact us today to learn more about how we can work with you.

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