How Voice Search Influences Search Engine Optimization

How Search Engine Optimization Is Changing For The Future

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Because of the rate that technology is advancing, Search Engine Optimization is becoming more about understanding and predicting how people interact with the web. Now days, consumers want things to be done better in half the time. No longer are people satisfied with typing out their searches, rather preferring to tell the app or internet exactly what they want, and expecting to get fast and accurate results. Hence the rise in voice search and voice command devices. Voice search is becoming increasingly popular for a number of reasons – it’s fast, reliable, and easier than typing. And with new advances in voice recognition technology being rolled out continuously, its prevalence is increasing. Here’s how voice search will influence the nature of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

  1. User Experience

    An important aspect of the relationship between Search Engine Optimization and voice search is user experience. It’s about recognizing what the user wants and finding it immediately. There’s a desire for the user experience to feel like it’s catered for the individual, to make the user feel like their needs are being recognized, and what they want is being accurately addressed. This, along with the perceived idea that voice commands are modern and “cool” makes it even more important to strengthen the Search Engine Optimization and voice search relationship.

  2. Semantics Recognition

    The way you type is often very different to the way you speak. Typing tends to be in shorthand, leaving out punctuation, prepositions and articles (and because it’s typed, is devoid of expressions and accents). In comparison, when speaking, you’re more likely to use full sentences that include expressions (such as your voice going up when asking a question) as well punctuation and other parts of speech. It’s important for voice search and search engine optimization to recognize speech patterns, accents, natural annunciation, and implied meaning. This requires programming that is constantly updated and fine-tuned to pick up on the nuances of speech and its patterns. This is an important consideration for marketers when using voice search and Search Engine Optimization. This therefore means that the more natural conversation is included and understood, the better the search rankings for voice recognition.

  3. Keywords

    Previously, the trend in Search Engine Optimization was short tail keywords. However, with the increase in voice search commands, they are becoming less relevant. As people tend to use natural phrases, it’s becoming increasingly vital to make sure you use the right keywords, which are generally more conversational and longer in nature. These keywords more often than not describe the product, its features, and utility in more detail than how it was.

  4. Mobile Dominance

    Smartphones and their microphone function have dominated the voice search market more so than any other device. It’s therefore important for marketers to make sure that their content and web presence is mobile-friendly, accessible, and up to date like the modern consumer. This can also mean making sure your page is easy to navigate, therefore avoiding programs that are not mobile compatible (e.g. Flash), limited advertising and using compressed images to decrease load time.

  5. The Rise On Home Assistants

    Despite the dominance of mobile phones, hot on their heels are home assistants such as Alexa. Becoming more popular, these jack-of-all-trade devices are expected to react and understand a consumer’s every command. Because of the popularity of these devices, users are expecting more personal results catered to their tastes, which requires Search Engine Optimization that is detailed and all-encompassing.

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