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Search Engine Optimization

As time and technology progresses, there is an almost tangible growth seen as the fast-paced, ever-changing internet truly embodies the traditional, “world wide web”. Keeping up-to-date and cutting edge with regards to your business’ online presence becomes an enormous task – adding the pressure of SEO can be too much. However, that’s where outsourcing comes in; hiring the experts to do the best for you and your company. But what does that really mean?

What is SEO?

Let’s start from the beginning. SEO or Search Engine Optimization, informally speaking, is a method of smart technological marketing. It using the intricacies of search engine algorithms to boost your content’s performance during potential searches.

Ever-Evolving SEO

As mentioned previously, the online game is always updating; there are new tools, tricks and rules every day! This can often make gaining SEO skills seem like an overwhelming task, a heavy textbook that gets ignored and gathers dust in the corner. SEO companies are specifically trained in the art of SEO and SEO tools such as, but not limited to, keyword research, ranking analysis, link building, and content optimization. They work with these tools and concepts to build your brand and optimize your online presence.

Part of an ideal SEO company’s repertoire should be keeping up with the changes and upgrades within the SEO market – for example, Google released new Search Quality Ratings Guidelines in March 2016 that stipulate massive changes in site auditing, PageRank and therefore, have an enormous impact on your company’s current SEO standings. Anticipating the guideline release, working through and adjusting to the guideline as well as optimizing company and brand content to use the guideline to the greatest extent should be part of your SEO company’s job.

Changing with the Changes

Search Engine companies, like Google, use multiple algorithms to ensure the most accurate fit for searches ranks onto page 1 – this includes conversational search, or Hummingbird. In the beginning, keywords alone were vital in ranking. Unfortunately, this lead to stuffing of meta titles, meta descriptions and even content with repetitive keywords in an effort to manipulate ranked positions. Hummingbird works to ensure shifted, informational structure; encouraging a more natural interpretation of ‘keyword’.

Hummingbird and Panda basically work together to simulate thought processes of the human brain as accurately as possible. Through their algorithms, they are able to understand the meaning of words and phrases – not just recognize a few in a particular order. Their ultimate goal being the identification of relevant, quality content for every search effort.

Another ranking tip hot-off-the-presses is something called, “Structured Data” and “Structured Data Markup”. These pieces of SEO gold add content that is relevant and uplifting to your brand – not only boosting your overall site’s quality but your ranked position by helping RankBrain, a part of Hummingbird, sort it into one of two categories, thereby increasing its ability to connect descriptions of things with their properties.

Although many of these concepts are available remotely, an SEJ Summit is being held in New York to allow SEO companies and SEO enthusiasts the chance to learn from, rub shoulders with and ogle at the experts from Google, Zillow, ESPN and other major SEO stakeholders. A massive opportunity and advantage for any attendee.

Whilst these are just a few of the many changes seen in the SEO field daily, the importance of every one to the relevancy of your website and your brand should not be overlooked. Hiring a company that is constantly updating their SEO approach is what you need.

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