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Florida and Beyond: Utilizing Local Search Engine Optimization

Identifying the distinct differences between organic search engine optimization and local SEO is key to improving your business’s local ranking. Whether you own a coffee shop in Jacksonville, Florida or run a law firm in Boston, Massachusetts, effectively utilizing your business’s location will do much to beef up your online marketing profile and ultimately increase your reach – and the quality of that reach – to potential and existing customers.

Why is local SEO so important?
Unlike organic SEO, your local SEO will always include a geographical constituent – it’s about creating signals of importance based around your business’s location. With traditional SEO, your search engine aims to seek out trusted and essential content, while with local SEO, the preference is to seek out trusted and essential locations.

A good local ranking is especially imperative for your brick-and-mortar business. In this case, out on the street, your aim is to draw customers within reach of your business to your door. It should be no different when potential customers run a search for the kind of service you’re offering online – here, your NAP (Name; Address; Phone) consistency across all directory listings is crucial.

How do you improve your local SEO ranking?
As mentioned, accuracy of your NAP consistency across all directory listings is key. The smallest error in just one listing will affect the speed and efficacy with which customers can reach you, negatively affecting your ranking.

While trawling through existing listing discrepancies related to your business can be time-consuming, putting in the effort will reap positive gains for your overall ranking. If you’re only beginning to build an online profile from scratch, you’re ideally positioned to get it right from the start, saving yourself a serious damage control mission a few months or years down the line.

For a start, directory listings should always contain the basics such as your business’s address and phone number, but you’d be wise not to neglect going the extra mile with the information contained in each listing. Prices, general product or service information, credentials and consumer reviews will do much to incite your customers to make use of your service or purchase your product.

While reviews remain the only piece of information about your business that you can’t fully control the information contained thereof, they’re an undeniably valuable driver for potential customers and can see significant local ranking gains.

Of course, it’s difficult to ascertain the unique steps your business will need to take to improve its local SEO ranking without first determining its current position. At Connectica Inc, we offer a free analysis report which will include the current traffic rank of your website and associated social pages.

Keeping abreast of updated algorithms is key
Search engine algorithms are constantly evolving, with Google making over 500 updates to its own version annually. By staying on top of these updates, you can adapt your local SEO strategy to take immediate advantage. An example of this was the 2014 launch of Google My Business, already considered a default for small businesses. By creating your own Google My Business page, you’ll have another easy, effective and authoritative means of connecting with customers and in turn, see a boost in your local ranking.

Local SEO, then, is a careful balancing act between a number of moving parts. Get all of them working together, however, and you’ll succeed in getting your business noticed long before your customer has come knocking on your door.

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