SEO Company Marketing Trends For 2016

2016 Marketing Trends That You Should Know About

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SEO Company Marketing Trends For 2016

Not only is the New Year upon us, but arriving with 2016 are a slew of marketing trends that will help pick up your business — no matter what size. If one of your resolutions is to expand your business and improve your online business profile, these 5 marketing tips from Connectica – your friendly SEO company – are what you need.

1. Virtual Reality
With the advent of 2016, virtual reality is now a legitimate tool for marketing. It is a great tool for engaging potential and current consumers in a new, attractive way. Looking at a picture of a product is one type of marketing, while putting the consumer inside the story, is another type of marketing. Using virtual reality in your marketing plan offers consumers an experience, rather than just telling them about your product or business.

From providing brand information, such as giving a snapshot of a product’s origin, the process used to make the product or the product’s backstory, to allowing a consumer to feel as if they are driving a car, or walking through a hotel or shopping in a store, virtual reality opens up a whole new marketing world.

2. Social Media
Like it or not, social media remains a great way to market your business. So if your business does not have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media accounts, it is well overdue for you to create them.

The coming year will see many social media sites improve their search capabilities and offer integrated payment options, improving the marketing aspect to these sites immensely. Not only will consumers be able to make purchases through social media, but then can easily share the news of the purchase and the “liking” of a product, offering a marketing opportunity for businesses.

3. Start a Relationship
We are not talking about joining a dating site and finding a romantic relationship. Instead, we are talking about relationship marketing, where you build a relationship with your customers through engagement and loyalty.

The goal is to use consumers’ pre-existing connections with their Smartphones to help you develop a connection between your business and the consumer. Through this connection and the data that can be collected, targeted relationship marketing can help develop long-term loyalty and word of mouth advertising.

4. Location Marketing
Location, location, location! A great way to improve your business is to specifically target users where the transactions occurs. There are different technologies, such as iBeacons (small transmitters that can detect nearby devices), that can allow you to target consumers when they are physically in, or near your business.

For example, if a person has your company’s mobile app downloaded on their Smartphone and then walk into your store where there are iBeacons then you are able to specifically target the consumers who are already in your store. This is a great way to reach potential consumers who are already where you need them to be, offering great deals and target advertising. Data can then be collected on what type of location-based marketing was successful.

5. Temporary Marketing
While creating marketing products that are only around for a limited time and then vanish might seem counterintuitive, using a medium like Snapchat is a great way to target today’s Millennials. Other companies are already expertly using Snapchat to provide quick, specific, and won’t-last-forever advertising.

This method is a way of “talking the talk” of the younger generation, fitting into their world where time is fleeting and it is best to be to the point, while also providing very real and successful marketing techniques that will enhance your business. Don’t be afraid to try something new and use Snapchat to your benefit this year.

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