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SEO Talk – Is It Possible To Stay Ahead Of Google?

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Let’s not beat around the bush: Google is a force to be reckoned with.

Many SEO specialists can stay up into the early hours of the morning trying their best to decipher what new Google algorithm updates mean for content and search results. But, with an astounding number of updates, changes, improvements, or whatever word-of-the-day Google likes to use, is it really possible to stay ahead of the search engine giant?

To answer this question, we think it’s important to go back to the SEO basics.

What We Know About The Google ‘Constants’

Google doesn’t leave us completely in the dark. They’re pretty clear about the content and webpage style they tend to promote in their webmaster guidelines.

Regardless of algorithm updates, these constants will remain at the core of the Google code. While they don’t go too in-depth about the right type of SEO to use (they can’t give all their secrets away), we can make some educated assumptions based on the information they give us.

  • Know the types of SEO, and make sure you keep a firm handle on your techniques. The reality is that there is no quick way to clicks, and if there is, the page one ranking will be short-lived. Google is pretty clear about their dislike for certain tactics, so keep them off your sites.

  • Don’t neglect the importance of a good sitemap. Both Google and your users need to know that your site has a solid layout, can be easily navigated, and that the pages link together in some discernible fashion.

  • Ensure that the keywords you’re employing are relevant, not overused, and not masked by hidden text just to try to improve rankings. Users will know within a few seconds of visiting your site if the information is relevant, and news of quick click-outs will find its way back to Google.

  • Linking is vital to quality SEO content. An excessive number of links, bad links, irrelevant links, and possible spam links are all picked up by the algorithm.

Improving CTRs In Spite Of Google’s UI

Updates to ranking methods aside, we should also be paying attention to Google’s user interface changes. At first glance, you might think that search engine UI doesn’t make any significant difference. If your site is ranking high in search results, that has to be good, right? Unfortunately, Google is quickly turning into a web user’s last port of call when information-searching.

When users are searching for quickly answered questions or a business’ opening hours, they’re likely to see that information without needing to click through to another website. High rankings don’t mean much if your customer fails to find their way onto your site.

We can speak again to the importance of high quality, user-driven content. Google’s snippets may very well answer the question your potential customer was asking, but if the content the search giant can pull from your site is quality, this can entice the searcher to read on. Be careful here, though, as the ledge that balances between gaining your reader’s attention and losing it through clickbait content is precarious.

Be aware of how Google displays your page in search results, too. Sometimes your meta descriptions will look a little different to what you intended, and this is because Google aims to interpret your content in the way it believes will attract users. If your content is relevant and solid throughout, you shouldn’t have too many problems with Google mislabeling your webpage.

Finally, stay as up to date as you can on the latest patches and notes from updates. Small tweaks can make a big difference in your CTRs if you’re not well enough informed. This is not to say you need to panic over Google’s algorithm updates, just know about them and make sure your site is not affected. If it is affected, figure out why and determine if you need to fix or update anything.

Still feeling daunted by the realm of SEO? Speak to us at Connectica, and let us do the hard work of interpreting Google changes for you.

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