Top SEO Tips To Improve Organic Traffic To Your Website

SEO Tips: Increase Organic Traffic To Your Website


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Marketing experts can agree that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential part of all marketing strategies. While the concept of SEO is easy to understand, the different moving parts can be overwhelming – especially since things are constantly changing within the industry.

One of the main goals of SEO is to increase organic traffic to your website. Prioritizing organic traffic offers several benefits, including credibility, cost advantage, and long-lasting results. To enjoy these benefits, you need to incorporate certain tips and tricks.

Our team of South Florida SEO experts at Connectica share some of their insights on how to increase organic traffic to your website.

What Is Organic Traffic?

Imagine that you’re looking for an electrician in Tampa. After typing the search term electrician in Tampa into the search engine, several results will appear. Those that rank towards the top of the results will have the highest chance of a conversion. However, some results, typically the top and bottom three listed on the page, are paid advertisements, while other results are organic.

The first step is to understand the value of organic traffic.

Organic search results refer to the websites that appear after the sponsored advert content (which are preceded by Ad). Organic traffic refers to the number of visitors that come to your website without clicking through an ad to get there.

While advertisers pay to have their website listed at the top of the search results, organic listings have earned that spot through effective SEO techniques. This is what helps to make organic SEO long-lasting. With paid advertising, you can quickly rank to the top of the page with the ad spots, however, once you stop paying for that ad space, you will no longer rank there. Organic SEO can take a while to actually see the results, but if it is done correctly, you will see those results for a longer amount of time.

Top SEO Tips for Organic Traffic

There are many actionable principles that can make a big difference in your website’s SEO ranking. Let’s explore a few of the most prominent.

Using Keywords When Drafting Content

Creating online content is an effective way to maintain a good SEO ranking. To make the most of the effort, it’s important to do keyword research and  create original content around the keywords that best reflect your business.

While original content presents your brand as an authority in your industry, keywords help your business provide the best solutions for your target audience. There are various tools that help identify relevant search terms and topics.

It’s important not to get too caught up in the metrics of your keywords. You want a variety to target throughout your website.  Only focusing on those with highest volume, and highest competition, will cause you to miss out on opportunities to reach users through other relevant keywords.

Take long-tail keywords for example, they are typically low volume but can themselves be a great article topic–such as a question about your product or about an issue that your service can solve. Some of these lower-level keywords can also be easier to rank for than those with higher volumes, which can help get your business in front of users with less effort. This is helpful for gaining visibility while you work towards ranking for those high-volume keywords.

Creating a variety of keywords with different search volumes and competition levels can help you take advantage of every opportunity to rank organically that you can.  

Link Building Efforts

There are two main types of links, namely internal links, and external links.

Internal links refer to the strategic placement and interlinking of URLs within the website. External links refer to links from external websites that point back to your website.

Consistently gaining external links is beneficial for SEO. Building links from authority websites gives you credibility, helps Google rank your site, boosts your SEO score, and generates a greater revenue opportunity. Consistency is key with backlink building since some backlinks can become unavailable or disappear.  This tends to happen as links get older and websites remove pages no longer relevant to their website. To combat this, you want to make sure you are continuously adding more quality backlinks leading to your website.

We recommend focusing your link building efforts in gaining a variety of different kinds of backlinks. You can start with those that are easier to obtain, such as citations or directory listings, and work your ways towards relationship building for guest posts.

Guest posting can prove valuable as long as you post valuable content (not spam) to an authoritative site. Additionally, Press releases are also a great way to build backlinks if you have a newsworthy story to share, though they may cost some money depending on what service you use to distribute them.

The most organic way to gain backlinks is to promote your content.  Take advantage of your social media accounts and even your Google My Business Listing to post your blog articles. This may encourage other users to link to that content from their websites.

Conduct Regular SEO Audits

Just as a house needs regular maintenance and a car needs to go for a service, a website needs routine audits. An SEO audit will point out strengths and weaknesses with the website, highlighting where to improve.

Some key insights offered by an SEO audit include:

  • Identifying broken links
  • Highlight technical SEO issues
  • Pinpoint website structure issues
  • Reveal potential off-site problems
  • Show content gaps and opportunities

As mentioned above, SEO audits should be completed on a regular basis. Remember how we mentioned that backlinks can become unavailable or disappear from your profile? Well, this can also happen with external links located within your website that link out to other sites. Those links will become 404 Errors if the other websites remove the pages you link to and will display as a broken link on your audit.

Other items may also change without much notice, especially any updates that can impact site security. It is important to use auditing software that stays up-to-date with the issues and updates affecting the industry so you can ensure your website continues to meet the most updated recommendations for both security and usability.

Focus On User Experience

Overall user experience on a website is becoming more important to search engines. This is evident in the reports that are coming out to measure website performance. Google’s Core Web Vitals, for example, basically measures how quickly your web pages load, how soon can users interact with your website once loaded, and how stable the pages are once they are loaded. All of these factors come down to user experience.

Page Speed

Did you know that nearly half of your visitors won’t even wait three seconds for a website to load before abandoning ship? Bounce rate is shown to increase up to 32% between a one-second load time and a three-second load time.  This percentage is even higher at 106% for pages that take up to six seconds to load. Not only does Google consider page speed as an important ranking factor for SEO, but it also impacts the user experience.

There are several tips and tricks that can speed up your website. For example, you can install a caching plugin that generates static HTML pages of your website and saves them to your server. Another tip is to make sure that your images are optimized to an appropriate size, without losing quality.

Interactive Responsiveness

Not only do your pages need to load quickly, but the interactive elements need to be ready as well.  This means any buttons to be clicked on, videos to be played, scrolling, etc. should be available and ready to respond when interacted with by users. 

Visual Stability

Have you ever been on a website that jumped around while you were trying to either read or scroll through it? This shift in the page is caused by elements still loading, such as images, videos, and other media elements. This can be minimized by defining dimensions for these elements on the page so that it can set aside the amount of space necessary for the elements that are still loading without causing disruption for users scrolling through the page.

Optimize For Mobile

Nearly 55% of global traffic comes from mobile devices, so it’s important that your website responds to the mobile format. Mobile responsiveness is important for both user experience and Google rankings. Key elements in mobile responsiveness include page speed, resizing of texts and images, and not using flash.

We recommend using a responsive web design that allows your website to fit within multiple screen sizes and devices.  With responsive web design, you only have one website to work on rather than multiple versions of the same site. This makes it much more efficient to make any updates and the website will remain consistent throughout the different devices it is viewed on.

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At Connectica, we’re proud to implement each of these valuable tips, helping to boost your organic traffic. If you need help with your digital marketing and SEO efforts, contact us at 877-816-2259 to learn more about services and pricing. No matter what your needs are, we will find a solution.

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