Should Google Home Services Be A Part of Your Digital Marketing Plan?

Google Home Services

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Google home services is the gateway for your business to get recognized by Google as well as by potential clients, ultimately helping your business to grow.

What Is Google Home Services?

Google Home Services is an online marketing and advertising platform, whereby companies can list themselves and advertise their services to the consumer. It is a fairly new concept introduced by Google but is rapidly becoming the sought-after method to market your business on the internet. It offers your business the advantage of being “recommended” by Google, so to speak, and gives your customers peace of mind that they have chosen the right business for their needs. This is a great advantage to your business as it generates good references and online reviews. The new service acts as middleman between your business and the consumer and is able to provide features whereby a business is rewarded with a stamp of approval from Google, (known as “Google Guaranteed”)> The service can also give a money back guarantee in some cases, and provide your customer with reviews about your business, as well as reviews about your competition.

First of all, it is important to note that the service is not available in all areas… yet. And it is not just available to any business that wishes to advertise online either. You need to register and log in to a Google My Business page after which you will get invited to participate in the program. The invitation is dependent on how well your business’ online reputation is. So, brush up on your reviews and ratings, make sure your business online page is up to date, and doesn’t have any dead-end links nor mis-information.

What Are The Advantages?

Any digital marketing plan these days is an advantage to your business, but this new game changer from Google goes above and beyond – it makes sure that the consumer is happy, which guarantees repeat business for you. Some other advantages include:

  1. Getting the Google green stamp of approval, meaning your business stands out from the pack.
  2. Having the opportunity to be exposed to more consumers, as searches will see your name displayed on the top of search rankings.
  3. A reputation is difficult to build but easy to ruin – this service will help you to grow a good reputation online.
  4. You are able to manage your clients and jobs via an app, and will be charged for actual leads and not merely just for clicks or views.

Which Businesses Can Advertise?

Service providers are eligible to advertise themselves on Google Home Services. These include electricians, locksmiths, painters, cleaners, roadside assistance, plumbers, handymen, auto glass services, contractors, heating and air conditioning contractors, and garage door professionals (just to name a few). The platform is proving to be quite an exclusive domain so you want to make sure you qualify to have it. If it’s not available in your area yet, get your Google My Business account going and prepare in advance – this is a train you won’t want to miss. If you’re not sure how to set everything up, get in touch with us at Connectica LLC – we are a digital marketing agency that will help you through every step.

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