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Represent your business with a small business website. It doesn’t matter which industry you’re in, a high-quality website can change the game for you. As a business, you need to ensure that your website ticks all the boxes. This is why we recommend you hire a professional web developer. Your site needs to look and feel professional, and it needs to consist of a couple key elements.

There are many benefits to having a professional website for your small business. All you need to do is decide what you need, find the right developer and be ready to collaborate.

What Elements Of A Small Business Website Have The Most Impact?

To put your mind at ease, we have compiled some essentials you need to ensure you have on your company website. If you miss out on any of these options it could cost you time, money and potential customer engagement.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Strategy

    You may be wondering, what is all the buzz about SEO? At Connectica, we know SEO. We’re here to inform you that optimizing your website for all search engines is how you get noticed online. SEO is the most important part of a digital marketing strategy. When you invest in a website, make sure there is a bullet proof SEO strategy in place.

  • Choose The Right Platform and Hosting

    There are many technical aspects that go into building a website. The ‘backend’ is what you don’t see when browsing different websites. Additionally, the backend will influence what viewers see on the ‘front end’. Choose the right platform and hosting service for your website development and scalability.

  • Small Business Website User Experience

    There is nothing worse than a slow, complicated website experience. Sharp graphics, quick loading speed and navigation are a few things that you will need to refine. Did you know that in 2020, 62% of internet searches were done on a mobile device? Websites need to be mobile-friendly for maximum reach and impact.

  • Clear and Concise Copywriting

    Websites that contain too little or too much information can be confusing to a visitor. Make sure your hire a professional to write your website copy so that you can leverage quality engagement and relevance.

  • Focus On Your Customer

    One of the best things you can do on your homepage is to focus on your customer while you share details about your company. At the end of the day, you exist to share your expertise and products with customers who need your solutions. Make sure they feel at home on your website.

  • Regular, Relevant Content Publishing

    Have you ever jumped onto someone’s website, found it to be a little outdated? Include consistent, relevant, engaging and original blog content on your small business website. Having duplicate content across multiple sites has a big impact on your website’s performance. Additionally, your content needs to be authoritative, engaging, and optimized to go after certain keywords. Last, but not least, the content on your website should be relevant and add value. 

  • Website Maintenance And Tech Support

    Keeping your details, copywriting and offers updated should be part of your web maintenance strategy. It’s not enough to invest in a website with no long-term strategy for maintenance and tech support. Your business will evolve over time, and it’s important to keep it updated for success.

    Are you looking at navigating through some bad press? Maybe you just want some help monitoring your brand? Online reputation management is another digital asset worth exploring.

  • ADA Compliance

    Removing all possible discrimination from your website is possible. In 1990, the Americans with Disabilities bill came into play. Which meant that to remain above reproach, websites need to comply with regulations.

    ADA compliance will increase user experience, visibility and your target audience.

Work With Professional Web Developers For The Best Results

When you work with a professional web developer make sure you leverage your SEO, user experience and visibility. It’s no good to pay thousands of dollars for a website when it doesn’t contain the essential ingredients you need for years of success and engagement.

If you are looking for a web developer you can trust, you have landed in the right place! Connectica is a full-service digital marketing agency with years of experience and a cornerstone built on SEO. Contact our friendly team of experts today at 877-816-2259.

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