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South Florida SEO: Tools of the Trade

We are always looking for the latest tools of the trade for our south Florida SEO company. In our previous post, we looked at simple SEO tools for beginners. But what about some more advanced programs that can give us more in-depth information about optimization and usability? In this post, we’ll discuss why SEO practitioners need to have the right tools for the job, and which tools to use.

What are SEO Tools?
SEO tools refer to a range of programs, services, and plug-ins that enhance our SEO practices. Tools can save us time by collecting data for us, help us to increase user satisfaction and site efficiency, and improve rankings. While some tools require paid subscription, there are many free SEO tools that work incredibly well. So, if you’re new to SEO, don’t assume that you need to rush out and buy expensive tools!

Keyword Research Tools
Using the right keywords is vital to SEO. It may seem easy enough to pick the keywords that you think are most relevant. But how do you know which keywords your target audience is using? Or which keywords actually drive traffic to your site and result in conversions?

Google AdWords’ Keyword Planner helps you research which keywords to use. By searching for keywords within your chosen parameters (like location or language settings), Keyword Planner generates graphs to show you the popularity of those search terms, tells you how many competitors are bidding on the same keywords, and suggests a bidding price for each keyword. Furthermore, it provides a breakdown of how many searches are performed on mobile devices as opposed to PCs – very useful information, depending on your business. After analyzing the data presented, you can save prominent keywords and budget for them in your campaign plan.

SEMRush is a similar tool that allows you to analyze your website’s traffic, and see which keywords your competitors are using to gain traffic. It ranks similar keywords and shows how much search traffic they receive, as well as the average cost per click (CPC) for each keyword.

When it comes to generating new keywords and deciding which keywords are most effective, it’s best to compare the data from a few different tools.

Creating Relevant Content
Once you know which keywords to use, it’s important to integrate them into content that grabs your audience’s attention. After all, Google ranks content by its quality – not by how many keywords are stuffed into an article or post! Answer the Public is a useful site that looks beyond simple keywords and asks how people actually search for information on the internet. For SEO writers and marketers, understanding the questions that people ask when searching for specific terms is a clever way to rethink content creation and brainstorm new approaches to old topics.

Website Crawling
In SEO, website crawling means following all the paths and links of a specific website. This data can be analyzed to help us optimize the website’s structure and efficiency, check for broken links and duplicate content, and make sure that search engines are able to crawl the site effectively. A popular tool for SEO crawling is Screaming Frog. It can create site maps, find broken links and server errors, analyze page titles and metadata, and present all this information with a user-friendly interface.

For more information about advanced SEO tools and how they can help your business, contact Connectica Inc. today.

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