The Benefits Of An ADA Compliant Website

ADA Compliant Website

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When it comes to the products or services your business offers, it should be a priority to effectively market your brand to a wide range of potential customers. In today’s world, that means you should nurture a professional digital marketing strategy and presence, without leaving anybody out.

In 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act was set in motion. It removed all discrimination from those with disabilities and to promote accessibility to everyone to mainstream life. This includes accessibility to all functionality on local and global business websites. It’s important for us all to feel that we belong, whether we have a disability or not.

Which is why we offer an ADA compliance service at Connectica. We see the great value in inclusivity and recognize that equal access to opportunity and connection online is highly important. If you need help getting your website into an ADA compliance format, don’t hesitate to call! For now, take a look at just why your business needs an ADA compliant website below.

Avoid Penalties By Maintaining ADA Compliance

Since the establishment of the ADA compliance bill in 1990, technology has advanced at every possible level. For this reason, websites were not originally listed in the published bill. However, big businesses have been hit with penalties for their lack of ADA compliance on their company websites.

It’s essential that your website, and the services listed, are accessible to those with visual, hearing or other disabilities. Avoid any unnecessary penalties and lawsuits by getting your website ADA approved to at least an A grade. And note: the grades go up to AAA.

Increased User Experience & Target Audience

When it comes to marketing your business, it is valuable to serve a wide range of potential clients. The last thing you want to do is limit who gets to engage with your web content or services. When you have an ADA compliant website, you will open up a whole new target audience.

It’s easy to provide the necessary tools for those who have disabilities so that they can understand your business. For example, the user experience needs to be functional without the use of a mouse, for those who aren’t able to scroll through using a one. It’s also helpful to have audible aids throughout your site, giving those who are blind access to the information.

Color blindness can also be a barrier. You’ll want to ensure that those who are color blind can also have a pleasant experience on your website. Another example! Put subtitles on video content. This way, those who are deaf or hard of hearing will still understand what is going on.

User experience is one of the key factors when designing a website. Especially today, with civil rights requirements in ADA compliance.

Improve Your SEO Ranking

When user experience is paramount on your website, it automatically becomes more inviting to users. In turn, that could increase your revenue. SEO is one of the pillars of digital marketing. That’s why we trust that compliance will trigger an increase in those who engage with your content and your website. They will automatically trust your brand more when you’re compliant. As engagement improves and your website is formatted properly, search engine web crawlers will recognize the authority in your site. This will help you rank.

Confidence To Market Your Website Means A Solid Digital Reputation

Having a great looking website that ticks all the boxes is great. It feels good having a brilliant brand, logo and business that you are proud to show off and market. When your site meets the ADA requirements, it will automatically boost confidence in your company. And because of the inclusive nature of ADA compliance, don’t be surprised if your business reputation grows in strength.

Call Connectica For An ADA Compliant Website

At Connectica, we serve a wide range of unique businesses and niches. With our experience and expertise, you’ll be in the best hands when it comes to an ADA compliant website strategy. We offer many digital marketing services and we have a team of experts ready to take on your project. Get in touch with us today for all your website, SEO, and digital marketing needs at 877-816-2259!

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