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Do you have the product or service, but just aren’t satisfied with your sales figures or client base? The answer to your woes is to expand your horizons and move your marketing on line. Considering that about 88.5 percent of the US population use the internet, it’s not a bad idea.

So, you decide to build a website. If you’re starting from scratch, it can seem very daunting. There are so many ways to build a website; should you do it yourself? Should you use an online package? Should you employ a web designer or company? How much will it cost? Can it do everything you need it to? What do terms like SEO, Social Media Integration, and Search Engine Ranking mean? This guide aims to answer these questions by providing five tips to building an effective website:

  1. Make it eye-catching:

    Too much detail is problematic. Give your pages a feeling of space so that your readers don’t feel claustrophobic and provide only relevant information to the topic at hand. Use personalized graphics such as logos and illustrations. You’re not a graphic designer? No problem! Our team of experts at Connectica can create anything from logos to newsletters.

  1. Keep it current:

    A website needs to be dynamic. You must keep posting new content, and refreshing the old information. The content needs to be readable, well written and to the point. Also, it must promote your product or service without sounding like an advert. Writing your own content can be daunting and if you feel a little overwhelmed, why not have a professional team do it for you?

  1. Have it found:

    Now you’ve got great content, well-structured pages, and eye-catching graphics. Awesome! Only, nobody can find your website. It’s like having a Jaguar E-Type which you keep locked in the garage. The truth is that all internet users need a search engine, which basically sorts through all the heaps of content on the internet and makes the most relevant pages to your search available on your screen. The biggest of these search engines is Google, but they all use a similar kind of system. That is why you need to make sure that the website you build is optimized for the way that search engines work. This is called search engine optimization (SEO) and depends on a range of different criteria. Understanding and using this to your advantage requires expert skills.

  1. Tell people about it:

    Social media is a swear word. It’s also part of most people’s daily lives and becoming more and more unavoidable in society. The average US citizen spends about 2 hours each day on social media. Using it as a marketing platform is no longer a good strategy, but more of a necessity to ensure your businesses survival. Setting up accounts on Facebook, Twitter and other providers might be a breeze, but keeping them up to date, relevant and integrated into your newly built website is where the challenge arises. Don’t have that kind of time? Connectica’s social media marketing includes it.

  1. Keep yourself informed:

    Feedback is crucial to the proper functioning of any website. You need to know statistics such as:

    • How many people accessed your site in a day. (Website Traffic)
    • Where they accessed it from.
    • When they accessed it.
    • What pages were most popular.

Why do you want to know all this? So that you can incrementally improve your website, plot business trends and keep raising these figures. If you can’t measure it, it does not exist.

Perhaps you already have gone through these steps, and built a website, but it still isn’t as effective as you’d like it to be. Why not have a free analysis report done on your content? What Connectica can do is go through your existing site and see what can be improved. We’ll give you a full report on traffic rank, social impact and page quality to name a few factors. We’ll also make suggestions on how we can help.

Hopefully this guide has cleared up some of the uncertainties of website design. By following these simple tips and knowing when to consult an expert, you should be able to build a website that not only meets, but exceeds your customer’s expectations.

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