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It’s the year 2020 and having a brilliant website that is able to tell a story about your brand, easily explain what your brand offering is, has a unique look and feel, makes use of the right call-to-actions, as well as stands out from its competitors, is more important than ever. Choosing the right web designer is one thing, however, it takes both of you to bring your creative vision to life.

Providing critique and feedback on someone else’s work can be a tricky task to navigate. The important thing to remember is that constructive feedback is the best way for someone to make the right changes and improve, and for you to get what you want. At the end of the day, you’ll both end up winners! With that being said, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared with a few tips on how to provide feedback in a way that is helpful to both you and your web designer.

1. Avoid Vague Statements

Avoid using negative feedback statements about your web designers work that won’t yield constructive changes.

When providing feedback on someone’s work, saying things such as “I don’t like it,” without providing any reason as to why, or how you think it could be improved, is not a great way to go about providing web design feedback. Giving vague comments when you don’t like something only creates more unnecessary work for the web designer as they will spend time making changes that you might not end up liking either. It takes two to bring a creative vision to life, and so it is advisable to give as much direction as possible to your web designer when providing feedback.

2. Give Concrete Examples

Providing specific advice and concrete examples is a great way to give constructive feedback to your web designer. 

Use examples and specify things you would like them to change such as the color scheme, make the font larger, or change the layout. Take the time to identify what exactly the things are that you don’t like and communicate your thoughts to your web designer so that they can get a better idea of how to make changes to the entire design.

3. Compare With Other Websites

Look at websites of competitors, or of brands you like, to find examples of designs you like and of designs you don’t like.

Doing your research on web design trends, and being able to draw comparisons is a great way to find new inspiration for what you want. Use examples from websites you like to show your web designer what you want when you struggle to find the words to describe it.

4. Ask For Changes Early On

Provide your web designer with constructive feedback during the initial design phase before they implement any web development.

Usually designers will show you an initial design they have made using Photoshop. This is when feedback is crucial, and changes are easy to implement. It is important to make the most of this time and explain clearly how the design could be improved. It is also important to remember that content and images aren’t as important in the initial design phase, as these elements can be changed easily and as often as you like.

5. Use Correct Terminology

Using the correct terminology is crucial when providing your web designer with feedback, both to avoid confusion and ultimately to get what you want out of the final design.

Your web designer is taking direction from you with regards to what you want and the changes you want them to implement, and so it is extremely important to be as clear as possible. Using the right terminology also works both ways – asking questions is an important part of the process so it will be helpful for you if you can ask the right questions, using the right terminology, that you both understand. Getting on the same page will never be easier.

Here is a guide on some helpful design terminology to get you started.

Choosing The Right Web Designer For You

Although being able to provide web design feedback is key to creating the ultimate website, being able to choose who to work with is just as important.

At Connectica, we take customer satisfaction very seriously and work tirelessly to create a website that you’re happy with. Give us a call today at 1-877-816-2259 to discuss your web design needs.

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