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If you’re clued up on the concepts of SEO and content marketing strategies, you may have come across the concept of ‘evergreen content’ and how it, ironically, has become the latest trend in web marketing.

What is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content refers to SEO content that perpetually generates traffic, internal leads, social site and social media shares and ultimately, boosts your SEO visibility for extended periods of time. Like its namesake evergreen trees, this content is fresh and relevant in every season. However, not everything that is interesting is considered to be evergreen content. For example, according to recent surveys, the average American spends approximately an hour reading or listening to the news every day. Even with this considerable investment of time, almost no articles are read twice by the same person.

How Can One Create Evergreen Content?

There are certain features specific to your web content that can help it stand the test of time. These general rules apply to all forms of content: articles, blog posts, videos, etc.

  • Good Structure

    One easy tip for increasing the lifespan of your content is to perfect structure. The use of lists, bullet points, catchy headlines and basic or foundational information will increase the readability of your content and encourage readers to recall the article for future use. Some SEO companies also advocate for content tables or summaries that allow readers to browse through content more easily, leaving them feeling positively about the article and more likely to explore internal links on your website.

  • Core Topics

    There are some core topics that seem to always be relevant and trending to consumers. Love and romance, finance, parenting, weight loss, and instructional content all aging graceful in the SEO world. Studies say the average “How To” article has been shown to have a lifespan of approximately 260 days. Historical pieces are, surprisingly, one of the most stable, evergreen topics – provided the information remains true and isn’t discredited. Remember that these are just examples and that it is extremely important to keep your topics relevant to your company.

  • Be Specific

    Further research has shown that in-depth articles that cover specific topics have more evergreen potential than larger articles of more vague content. For example, an article about “Boosting Your SEO Ranking” would be more well received if broken down and explored as “Keyword Optimization”, “Maximizing Meta-descriptions” and so forth. These detailed articles also give you the opportunity to create internally content links which would inherently increase exposure opportunities.

  • Add Detail

    Google and other search engines have many components in evaluating searches and sites in order to produce accurate rankings. ‘Long Click’ testing refers to the time spent on a page Google has suggested. When searcher’s find something useful, they are more likely to spend time on page, bookmark it or revisit the page. This sends Google positive feedback about the content and it retains or improves in SERP position.

Although it may seem daunting, creating great evergreen content for your company is worth the effort. Contact an SEO specialist company, like Connectica LLC to add your first piece. The increase in traffic, boost in brand knowledge, and contribution to sales and possible leads make evergreen content possibly one of SEO’s most effective and efficient tools available.

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