The Future Of Digital Marketing: Quality Video Production

Video Production Is The Future Of Digital Marketing

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You might remember hearing about the updates in algorithms across the social media board in recent years. Especially when it comes to video production. If not, then you’re in the right place!

There have been algorithm updates in 2020, and one of the key content algorithm updates for the year is definitely favoring the use of video on all platforms. Consider TikTok, Instagram stories, IGTV, YouTube, Facebook video and LIVE capabilities. It’s safe to say video production is the future of digital marketing!

For example, a video published on Facebook video will be favored by the algorithm over a YouTube link or any other outsourced link. This also means that video will be favored more than still posts and written posts on this particular platform. The trend is only growing.

Another interesting trend has been the development of online learning since the end of 2019. It’s safe to say this trend was in perfect timing for the COVID-19 season this year! There are an array of online courses. From learning how to propagate succulents, to becoming a life coach or even learning how to do hair! The list is endless, and the money is big.

One thing to consider when we talk about online courses is the need for excellent quality video production. How can you host a great online course without videos in your marketing strategy and top-notch filming of your course content? This is just one of the big booms we have seen in the past year, which makes us even more confident to say that video production really is the future.

What Should Video Content Do?

According to our video experts, great quality, dynamic and engaging video content should play four different roles in boosting your brand through digital marketing channels.

Tell Your Brand Story

Marketing is all about attracting the right customers, the ones who will appreciate your brand and even share it with their friends. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool, which is why telling your brand story through a brilliant video can be an effective way to speak to your audience. Nothing gets people going more than having their heartstrings pulled. You want to win your ideal clients over into the conversion and delight stages of the buyer’s journey. Video is the way to go!

Increase User Engagement

Engagement is the love language of the algorithms when it comes to digital marketing. When Google, Facebook or any other platform picks up high engagement on your content, it is seen as authoritative, trustworthy and more valuable than content with very low engagement rates. Our consumer climate is becoming more and more visual, and videos will nurture their needs well.

Improve Brand Visibility

“Customers are 85% more likely to make a purchase if they watch a video demonstration of the item,” according to studies.

When people see how a product or service can benefit them visually it is easier for them to imagine it for themselves and then make a purchase decision. When you create a dynamic video, your customers and followers are more likely to share it with friends, and then you will get more exposure!

Gives You The Creative Edge

When you post a clean, engaging video with your branding on it, your customers will be drawn to you. Our world is becoming more digital by the nanosecond. When companies share their story through what is trending, it will have an impact on their image. Additionally, customers will appreciate the extra effort.

Connect With The Experts In Video Production & Digital Marketing

At Connectica, we are an end-to-end full-service digital marketing agency, with SEO as our cornerstone. Our video production services are fully equipped to create engaging video content for any brand, product or service. No digital marketing strategy is complete without a solid video production plan in place as well. Call us at 1-877-816-2259 today to discuss your digital marketing and video production needs! We would love to turn your vision into a reality.

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