Web Design: Understanding Clients’ Needs

Creating a Website that Appeals To Your Client

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Web Design: Understanding Clients’ Needs

Did you know that users are likely to click away from your website within 5 seconds if they are not immediately intrigued by what they see? When designing your website, it is so important to understand your clients’ needs. Website technology is constantly evolving. Keeping up with current technology and understanding what your clients’ are looking for in a website will help you deliver a site that is modern, functional and user-friendly. Even better, hire a good web design company to help you navigate the world of the web and create a site that fulfills current SEO standards, looks fantastic, and appeals to your client to make light work of this seemingly insurmountable task…

1. Research Your Audience
Understanding who your audience is will help you increase meaningful page views of your website. Without this precise marketing knowledge, you may find ways to draw people to your website, but that will not necessarily convert to a spike in your business. Here are some things to consider when building your website to suit the needs of your target clients:

Who are they? — Develop an understanding, and specifically an online understanding, of your target clients. Know what websites they like to visit and know what are common searches they make in search engines. Once you understand your target client’s online presence, you will better be able to tailor your website to the appropriate audience to help boost your business.

Talk the talk — You don’t want text and content that is geared toward gen-Xer’s on a website that is targeting baby boomers, and vice versa. Know the target age, sex, and geographic location of your prospective clients and speak directly to them.

What do they want…and not want? — Once you have an understanding of your audience’s online presence, you will be able to determine what they want from your website…and what they don’t want. Make sure not to project what you would like on your website if it does not make sense for your target clients.

2. The Essentials
After tailoring your website design and details for your target audience, there are certain things that must be included in the design of your website to create a great and user-friendly interface:

Contact Information — You don’t want to make your customers work hard to find a way to contact you. Your contact information, including email address, mailing address and telephone number should be easy to find on your website, allowing for interaction between you and your customers.

Concise Language — You want to explain your product or service in concise, clear language. The website should clearly outline the benefit of your product/service, and the advantages for the customer. Consider using attention-grabbing headers on your website, as well as bullet points to help draw the focus to your product/service.

Not Too Busy — Don’t make your website too busy or you will find that the different elements in your design begin to compete for the attention of your customers. Instead, you want to draw their attention to specific areas of your site that highlight your product/service and explain the benefits that will come to the clients. Too many elements on a website, or too much text, will distract your customers, potentially causing them to leave your website.

3. You Are Never Done
Once you have a website design that you are happy with, this does not mean that you can sit back and enjoy your work. Instead, your website will need regular testing, maintenance and updates in order to keep it working as an effective piece of your business.

As you are constantly looking for website visits to become conversions, you are will need to constantly revaluate the different elements on your site, updating the technology when necessary. From call-to-action buttons, to checkouts, to your website content, you will need to stay on top of what works…and what doesn’t. A website design and SEO company is your best bet in helping you create and maintain an effective piece of marketing that will draw in searchers and turn them into paying and loyal clients.

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