Why Does My Website Need An SSL Certificate?

SSL certificate

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The internet is a wonderful tool which has provided many people with innovative ways of interacting with other people from around the world. Websites can now be owned and operated by almost anyone and this has allowed people to connect with each other as well as to send and display information all across the globe. This connectivity does however come with risks. These risks include things such as people accessing information on your websites which you do not want them to access. It is important to consider how to prevent security breaches such as unwanted access to information on your websites. SSL Certificates are useful tools in increasing your websites security

What Is An SSL Certificate

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is an encryption protocol. An SSL certificate provides protected, encrypted communications between a website and an internet browser. It works by encrypting data a user inputs into your website so that it can move from their specific browser to your web server without being compromised.

Where Is An SSL Certificate Used?

SSL certificates are usually used as a way of securing information on websites that involve users entering sensitive information over the internet for example credit card payment pages, login pages and online forms. However, many other types of websites are shifting towards using SSL for a variety of reasons (some of which are outlined below).

How Can I Find Out If My Website Is SSL Secure?

Finding out whether a website is SSL secure is relatively simple. One visits the website URL on their browser of choice and if it is loaded with HTTPS at the start (for example, https://www.connecticallc.com/search-engine-optimization/) then the website has SSL on it.

Why Does My Website Need SSL?

There are a variety of reasons why websites need SSL. These include:

  1. Securing The Data Of Your Users
    As mentioned earlier, SSL is often used on websites where users are required to input sensitive information. As it encrypts the data, the personal information the user has put in is less likely to be seen by people that are not meant to see it. In other words, SSL protects your website users.
  2. Browsers Will Tell Users Your Website Is Not Secure
    If your website does not have an SSL certificate then some browsers will display a message telling users that the website is not secure. Having this message appear will often cause users to navigate away from the website for fear that their data may be compromised. This is a major traffic killer to many websites and another important reason to get an SSL certificate.
  3. It’s A Good SEO Technique
    SEO stands search engine optimization. SEO involves an array of factors which browsers use to rank websites. Highly ranked websites appear earlier in the search pages and as such are more likely to be accessed. Having an SSL certificate is known to increase a website’s rankings in browsers. In other words, having an SSL certificate may increase your websites rankings, make it appear earlier in browser searches, and increase traffic to it.

In short, SSL is an encryption protocol which secures information entered into websites. Websites need SSL certificates as they not only make websites more secure but also have other benefits such as increasing website traffic.

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