Facebook Marketing Essentials: What You Need To Know In 2021

What You Need To Know For Facebook Marketing In 2021

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There are many ways business owners can market their businesses, however the most effective strategies will include social media marketing, and specifically Facebook marketing. As you might be aware, effective Facebook marketing is changing constantly.

One of the main changes over the past couple of years is the decrease in organic reach. This means that you may need to rethink the strategy you have been using, even during the past two years. Although running ads and getting yourself out there on Facebook is a lot more competitive today, it’s not entirely impossible, with the right strategy. There are a few elements you can implement into a decent social media strategy to ensure success on Facebook in 2021.

If this is an area you don’t have a heap of extra time to look into, why not get in touch with an expert from Connectica? The benefits to outsourcing this kind of strategy can save you time, money and valuable resources. We are in a time where resources are precious, and online marketing is almost essential. Consider handing your social media marketing strategy over to a team with a proven track record.

Below we discuss a few of the reasons Facebook marketing is harder these days and how you can leverage it well to increase your visibility on the platform.

A Few Reasons Why Facebook Marketing Is Harder

One of the main things Facebook has emphasized since it was originally created is the connection between people, or users. The platform was designed to bridge the gap between university students to form a community both online and offline. Over time, this genius idea has developed into the familiar network we know today. This is partly why marketing on Facebook is so huge! As a business, we have direct access to individual people or groups, and can market straight to them.

However, an update that was published in January 2018 shows that the news feed content ranking would shift. This means that there would be a focus on user to user interaction, rather than user to business interaction. It comes as no surprise from this ‘social’ media platform, but it does make marketing trickier for businesses and pages. Essentially you have to work a lot harder and be intentional not to become invisible.

How Can You Leverage Facebook Marketing In 2021?

As we mentioned before, some of the latest updates on social media can make it tricker to be seen, especially as a business or organization. Let’s face it, ‘social’ media is all about the ‘social’ element but there are things you can do. These are certainly not all the strategies you can put in place; however, our team is at your service. Take a look at our tips for this year below:

Lights, Camera… Action!

Now, you’ve probably heard that video content does very well on social media, right? If you haven’t then this news might just change the game for marketing your business online! You might be thinking, “well, I’m not much of a video person,” and we would respond that there are ways around this, just speak to one of our video production specialists. It’s a known fact that videos uploaded directly to Facebook will always do better than text or image. We aren’t necessarily talking about 10 or 30-minute videos, we are talking about short videos that will grab attention quickly and get to the point. These will do well to get you more visible and out there.

The 70-20-10 Approach To Unique and Innovative Content

As a general rule of thumb, when it comes to content creation for social media purposes, the 70-20-10 ratio is a general win and will work in 2021.

The idea is that you post 70% original content and 20% sharing existing content that fits with your niche. Lastly, the final 10% is self-promotion. Together with this dynamic, it would be a great idea to use different types of posts. This includes images, gifs, short videos, polls, surveys and other types of interesting and engaging types of posts. Keeping things plain is not an option these days.

Get In Touch With The Experts At Connectica

Since the online world is always changing, it’s important for your business that you and your team are ahead of the game when it comes to marketing your business online. At Connectica, we have years of experience, and hundreds of projects under our belt. We are constantly aware of the latest trends in the social media channels and know exactly how to leverage them for your business success.

Give us a call today at 877-816-2259 to set up an appointment with one of our friendly digital marketing experts.

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