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If you’ve been following the world of SEO then you’ll already know that link building is a key component of boosting your search rankings and driving organic traffic to your website. Adding backlinks into your web content is generally a way to encourage further learning for your readers but it is also an essential part of building an effective SEO plan.

Search engines judge your website, and its content, based on the company it keeps. Link building tells a search engine that your website is trusted and recognized so that it helps your content rank higher on search engine results pages. But when it comes to link building, it’s more about quality over quantity, and a bad backlink can damage your SEO efforts just as much as a good backlink can help.

Here we’ll discuss the different types of backlinks you should use in your SEO strategy, and what the benefits of including a variety of link types are for your website so that you can acquire the most effective and valuable backlinks for your SEO content strategy.

What Are The Different Types Of Backlinks For SEO?

Since link building helps give your website more authority, let’s discuss the best types of backlinks to use to improve your SEO, and the worst types of backlinks you should learn to avoid.

The Best Backlinks To Include In Your Link Building SEO Strategy

Here are some of the best backlinks to include for long term SEO results.

  • Editorial Backlinks

    An editorial backlink is when other web content links back to your website. When other websites or web articles use your content for their readers to refer to, it gives your content more authority because search engines believe it is providing readers with answers. The best way to attract editorial backlinks is to create top quality content that demonstrates to readers and search engines that you are a valuable resource for information. Create content around keywords that is engaging and shareable, and over time other websites will start to link to your content.

  • Guest Blogger Backlinks

    Guest blogging is a great way to boost editorial backlinks for your website. You can write a guest blog post on a partner or supplier website and link back to your own website in the post. Guest blogging is key to an effective SEO strategy and a great way to build trust and authority for your own content.

  • Business Profile Backlinks

    Create a business profile on digital platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook as well as on job listing platforms or directories. You can then backlink to your own website on these digital platforms, showing search engines that you have a well-established website.

  • Educational Webinar Backlinks

    Creating educational video content is a great way to encourage other websites to link back to your website. Add your webinar recording to your website so that more people will visit your website and other sites will link to them.

Backlinks To Avoid Using In Your SEO Strategy

Here are some of the backlinks you should avoid using in your SEO content strategy.

  • Paid Backlinks

    Search engines’ primary focus is to help users find the answers they’re looking for, and so they are built to assess your site based on its earned authority. This means that paying for other sites to link to your content can negatively affect your authority.

  • Low Quality Backlinks

    Linking to less-established digital platforms or websites can harm your SEO efforts as search engines will mark their content as spam, thus impacting your own website authority in a negative way.

  • Competitor Backlinks

    Linking to your competitor websites will only boost their authority and promote their content over your own. Avoid linking to competitor websites and try to create content that draws readers to more of your own pages.

The Benefits Of Including A Variety Of Backlinks When Link Building For Your Website

Since link building is key to an effective SEO strategy and that not all backlinks are created equal, it is important to include a variety of backlinks in your website content. Search engines are constantly evolving their algorithms to help users find best results so you want to be proactive with links, content, etc. to ensure your website is keeping up with any changes.

When it comes to link building you shouldn’t put all of your eggs into one basket. Authenticity is rewarded by search engines. Although backlinks are an important part of SEO and there are many technical aspects to creating an effective SEO strategy, creating helpful and original content is always key to your long term success.

Link Building Experts In Fort Lauderdale

Link building is key to a successful SEO strategy for your business – if done correctly. If you need help creating content for your website, look no further than our SEO and link building experts at Connectica. Give us a call today at 1-877-816-2259 to start getting the results you’ve been searching for.

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