Why You Need An Overall “Goal” For Your Social Media Audience

Social Media Audience

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It is no wonder that businesses have gone digital to keep their business going. In our contemporary society, technological advancements have led to a boom in social media networking, and Global Digital Report 2019  statistics show that there are 3.2 billion social media users worldwide—a number that is only growing. Given that social media has become such an important part of the online world, it is important to take hold of the opportunity to use it for your business’s benefit!

Before you jump on the social media bandwagon, you’ll need to know what you’re doing. While social media can be a great way to gain credibility for your business, it can also do the opposite. You need to know what you are looking for regarding your social media goals, otherwise you may end up disappointed.

Why Goal Setting is Important

Formulating a well-defined goal will not only give you the steps you need to get there, but will give you an incentive to take those steps. The process of formulating goals (and steps towards those goals) can help you to realize exactly what you are wanting to get out of your social media marketing; the more specific, the more defined your steps and methods become. In order to achieve the goal, you’ll need to check in regularly to make sure you’re on track, and this holds you accountable.

No Goal May Lead to Nowhere

Social media marketing without a strategy is almost guaranteed to fail. Without having any framework or plan, you won’t be confident in your approach, and you won’t have anything to hold yourself accountable. A failed marketing plan is not only detrimental to your business’s reputation, but also to your bank account. You don’t want to waste any precious time or money on a doomed marketing venture, nor do you want to let your team down.

Setting Your Goal

Not sure where to start? Well, each company is unique, and therefore not every company has the same goal or plan regarding their social media marketing strategies. Some examples of an overall goal can be to sell a product or advertise a service, bring more traffic to your website, increase brand awareness, or create more connections. You will need to assess what your company needs and to create an overall goal accordingly.

Steps to Creating a Marketing Plan

First, you’ll need to look at what your business offers; whether it is a service or product, you have an ideal customer in mind. By figuring out your social media target market/audience, you’ll be able to take further steps on creating a marketing strategy.

For example, a goal can help you set up the following:

  • Your post calendar (when will you be posting, and how frequently do you need to post?)

  • Topics and content generation (what will you be posting? will you use video/text/images? How accessible is your content regarding your audience?)

  • Design and brand (What make your company’s signature look? How will you keep up your image? Business owners often turn to digital marketing for keeping their branding in check.)

  • The social media platforms (what platforms are your target users likely to use?)

  • Feedback (How will you get feedback on your marketing successes/fails, and how will you keep regular checks on your marketing strategy?)

Now that you have a few more ideas in mind, it is time to think specifically, and look toward what your company needs, and what it can gain from social media. Setting a SMART goal is an ideal way to go:

  • S – Specific

    Can you narrow your goal down to one sentence? How clear is your vision? Your overall goal needs to be specific, and can be broken down into smaller goals, as long the main idea is clear.

  • M – Measurable

    How will you track your progress? How will you know when you achieve your goal?

  • A – Attainable

    Is your goal realistic? Is it possible to achieve? A good goal is a balance between challenging and easy – not impossible!

  • R – Relevant

    Does the goal suit the business and will it create a significant impact for your business?

  • T – Time-Bound

    Giving yourself a deadline will keep you accountable and put the right amount of pressure on you to keep at it. Remember, you can break up smaller goals and set different deadlines in order to achieve your overall goal.

Make sure to return to your goals regularly, so that you can determine if something needs to change or whether you are on track with your plan. Be consistent, perform regular checkups, and adjust accordingly – that way you’ll be on a cycle to success! At Connectica LLC, we can help you attain your social media goals with Search Engine Optimization, Website Design, Social media Marketing and much more!

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