Why You Need Facebook Pixel For Your Social Media Plan

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As you might be aware, social media marketing should be an essential part of your business and marketing plan. Without a tailor-made social media plan, it would not be surprising if you struggle to reach your ideal customer, everything is moving online (and especially during a time of International pandemic!)

After all, marketing (online or offline) has and always will be completely about communicating the right message to your ideal target audience, in a way that inspires them to purchase your product or service.

Now that we are on the same page, we would love to share some of the main reasons why you need to use Facebook Pixel for your social media plan.

What Is Facebook Pixel?

According to our social media expert Bailey Simmons, ‘the Facebook Pixel helps you to measure customer actions, build audiences, and unlock optimization tools.’ 

If you know anything about digital marketing then you will know that this is like hitting the digital jackpot when it comes to running Ads on Facebook Business and reaching an audience that will greatly increase your return on investment.

How Does It Work?

Facebook Pixel is designed to help you keep track of when, where, and how actions are going to take place through Facebook. What this means is that if someone makes a purchase or visits a website from a Facebook post, Facebook Pixel will receive this action as a message. This is how you know when someone responds to your call to actions and you can align your strategy according to interest and where the buyers are on your social media channel.

Essentially this process is called ‘conversion optimization’ because the pixel will track your most frequent buyer audiences and that means that your ads will more often hit those who will actually make a purchase, and not on pages who don’t convert.

Why Do I Need Facebook Pixel In My Social Media Plan?

As mentioned above there are very valid reasons for creating and using pixels inside your Facebook Business platform. We highlight a couple more reasons below:

  • Conversion optimization and tracking: As mentioned above, you are able to optimize who sees your ads and special offers so that you reach those who will actually convert!

  • Create custom audiences: When you start installing pixels it will become easier and easier for you to create audiences around your niche. You’ll be able to speak directly into problems that you can offer solutions to and tailor-make their user experience.

  • Look-alike audiences: not only will you be able to reach those who are directly interested in your business, but you will be able to create ‘look-alike’ audiences who may not have met you yet, and gain more leads (and conversions).

  • Re-targeting ads: when you have targeted certain people once before, it will be easy for you to use pixels to re-target the same audience with potentially new or different offers.

  • Measure, analyze, and enhance your strategy: with access to pixels inside Facebook and your website, you will be able to measure and analyze the results of campaigns and content in order to enhance and change your overall marketing strategy. Without data and facts, how will you know how to reach your crowd?

At Connectica, setting this up is second nature and we have seen business transformed, and visions come to life, through the power of social media strategy that includes this kind of tracking tool.

Connect With Connectica To Build An End-To-End Social Media Marketing Plan

Sure, it might be easy to do a bunch of courses and get yourself up to speed with the ever-changing, ‘latest and greatest’ when it comes to social media marketing. Let us be honest though, it takes a whole lot of time that as a business owner, you should be spending focusing on other elements of your business strategy. Leave the hard work of marketing and building a better social media presence to the experts at Connectica.

Our full-service digital marketing team is efficient, creative, and brilliant at what they do, we know the tricks of the trade like the back of our hands and we would be excited to work with you! To find out more, check out our website, or give us a call at 877-816-2259 to discuss everything you need to make sure your marketing plan thrives online.

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