Importance of SEO Ready Website Design

seo website design

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One of the most powerful digital marketing tools that a company can have is an SEO ready website design. This means that all SEO strategies have been implemented from the beginning of your website conception, so that your website is always “search engine optimized”.

What is SEO-Focused Website Design?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a key factor in attracting natural and organic traffic to your website by ranking high on Google searches. Google gives authority to web pages that rank at the top. To get your pages to rank high, your content needs to be considered useful, and easy to share. When writing content, it is important to use words and phrases that are used by people to search.

Key Tips to SEO Optimized Web Design

There are some handy prerequisites to an SEO friendly website. Here are some key considerations:

  • Image SEO

    Introducing an alt-tag with your chosen keyword is a proactive habit to introduce to your website when optimizing. Choosing the correct image size and format will allow for your image downloads to be efficient, with a quick loading time.

  • Regular Updates

    A static website is a useless website when trying to rank with Google. Websites that are regularly updated are considered ‘current’ by Google, meaning that the sites are more useful for users. Adding a blog, recent news or current projects page can maintain activity on your site.

  • Easily Accessible Content

    Although it is sometimes necessary or useful for data capture, limiting your content accessibility can detriment your ranking with Google by preventing viewers to access some of your content. One way to counter this is to only limit select sections of content, and not your entire site.

  • Mobile Responsive

    With the development of technology and the increasing pace of everyday life, very few people sit at desktops and view content solely on their computers. More and more people are accessing content on their mobile phones, iPad, tablets etc. A well thought out website will respond to the various screen sizes without jeopardizing any of the content. Ensuring that your website is mobile friendly will benefit your SEO.

  • Efficiency is Key

    A fast loading website encourages users to stay on your website, looking at your content. A delay in loading is more likely to cause a user to leave your site and search for their desired content elsewhere. Optimizing your images, text and content quality is key in the efficiency of your site, and the improvement of user experience. Search engines will penalize a website that is slow to load.

Make the Most of Your Time and Money

Your website is the digital face of your company. A lot of time, money and thought goes in to making a website effective and useful. No matter what the size of your business, it is vital to build your website correctly, with an SEO-focus, from the very beginning to save time and money.

With a website that is optimized in design, you will rank higher on Google, increase traffic naturally, and keep users on your site for longer. To make the most of your website investment, hire a professional SEO strategist to ensure top results for your website.

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