IP Geolocation Tracking

IP Geolocation Tracking

Find out where your website visitors are located based on their ip address.

What is IP Geolocation Tracking?

Geolocation ServicesSimply put IP geolocation tracking is the ability to trace where geographically an IP address is located. Lets look at this in a little more depth. Let us assume that you would like to know where visitors to your website are coming from. Quite easy actually, there are quite a few analytical services that will give you such information, our service however does is in real time, allowing you the website owner to instantly target geo centric advertising and or offers directly to your customers. Armed with the geolocation information of each and every visitor to your website is important information to have. Being able to act on it instantly is simply unbeatable.

Connectica offers a non-intrusive geolocation IP service that identifies your visitor’s geographical location, i.e. country, region, city, latitude, longitude, ZIP code, time zone, ISP and domain name, IDD country code, area code, weather station code and name using a proprietary IP address lookup database and technology without invading the Internet user’s privacy. The solution is available as a programming API through the purchase of query credits.

Sample Geolocation Information We Supply Based On Your IP Address


Field Your Information Description
IP Address [is-Address] This is the IP address that you are visiting us from
Provider [is-Provider] The ISP you are using
Hostname [is-Hostname] The hostname that your IP address is associated to
Timezone [is-Timezone] The timezone you live in
Country Flag [is-Flag] Your country flag
City [is-City] The city your IP address is associated to
State (Code) [is-State] The state/province that your IP is associated with
Country [is-Country] The country your IP address is located in
Continent [is-Continent] The continent you live in
Latitude [is-Latitude] Latitude of your IP address
Longitude [is-Longitude] Longitude of your ip address
TLD [is-TLD] Top Level Domain
DMA Code [is-DMA] Your Designated Market Area
Area Code [is-AreaCode] The area code where your IP address is located
Postal Code [is-PostalCode] The postal code where your IP address is located
GMT Offset [is-GMT] Hours offset from Greenwich Mean Time

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