Video Production Services

We are fully equipped to produce dynamic and engaging digital marketing videos for a host of clients, products, and industries.

Video Production

Video has reemerged as an effective way to get your company’s message across. Living in a fast-paced world has led people to gain as much information as possible in a short amount of time. Video production is excellent for all types and sizes of businesses as it communicates your brand’s message while informing and influencing your audience.

At Connectica, we are fully equipped to produce dynamic and engaging digital marketing videos for a host of clients, products, and industries.


We deliver video production that:

Tells Your Story:

We take your brand and present it in a way that captures not only your goods or services but also your message. Our approach allows you to display your story in a way that attracts the attention of your future customers.

Increases User Engagement:

More than 78% of people online watch videos weekly. Customers will engage more with your company if there are videos because it allows them to connect with your brand. Videos are also easily shared across multiple platforms, reaching a larger scale audience.

Improves Visibility:

Customers are 85% more likely to make a purchase if they watch a video demonstration of the item. By providing exciting video content, people are more likely to share your video – increasing the number of people who recognize your brand.

Delivers A Creative Edge:

Video production is not only an effective way to inform your audience about your brand, but it also shows that you care about integrating technology and providing potential and current customers with creative, on-trend marketing.

No digital marketing strategy is complete without video production services.

Strategy & Consulting

Whether you have a plan for a landing page video or need some help in integrating videos into your social media, Connectica can help you every step of the way. Our video production service experts are not only knowledgeable about what it takes to reach a wide audience and increase your sales, but they have a real artistic passion for making your brand memorable.

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Pre & Post Production

Often, video production isn’t successful because it lacks proper pre and post-production techniques, leaving people with a lackluster and unprofessional product.

Pre-production guarantees that your video production goes as smoothly as possible and includes steps like finalizing scripts, casts, and crew, and securing factors such as permits and locations.

Post-production is just as crucial as it edits and finalizes the video for a professional, polished look.


Writing & Scripting

Telling a story takes skill; telling a story well takes talent. Connectica specializes in creating compelling scripts that are sure to captivate your audience.

Scripts don’t only have to be well written; they also must tell the nature of your brand in a way that will want the audience to know more.

Whether it’s for a specific product or the backstory of your company, our skilled writers will deliver scripts that appeal to your target audience.

Production Services

We pride ourselves on being a fully equipped production service that is ready to shoot and produce videos for any size or type of client, product, or industry.

We offer location shooting, video interviews, green screen studio setup, product shoots, event coverage, script writing, audio recording, and more.

All you must bring to us is your vision, and Connectica will bring it to life with our comprehensive digital video marketing strategies.


Voice-Over Services

Our talented voice-over actors can take even the most mundane of subjects and make it sound epic! We pride ourselves on giving your vision a voice! Whether you have something specific in mind or are just looking for a dynamic voice that people have to pay attention to, Connectica ensures the articulation of your story with a voice that represents you and your brand.

Corporate Video Production

Connectica also specializes in providing companies with high-quality corporate videos including investor, in-house training, compliance videos, and corporate event filming, to name a few. We offer professional video production that will refine your brand and company values engagingly.


Schedule a Consultation

Whether you have a fantastic vision for your landing page or a great idea for a product video, we can provide you with everything you need from scripts and voice-overs to professional pre and post-production. Video production services are a necessity for any business, and with Connectica’s help, your brand will become more visible by engagingly telling your story. Contact us today to discuss your video production strategy.

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