Everything To Know About Managing Your Online Reputation

Online Reputation Management

Taking control and being proactive about your online reputation is crucial to your company’s success.

Whether it’s looking for a restaurant to pick up dinner from, finding a new physician, or making an online purchase, looking at reviews is crucial to consumers. Brands, products, and services are now more reliant than ever on the reputation they present on the Internet. Not only does responsible online reputation management keep your existing client base, but it also helps to convert new customers. Here the experts at Connectica explain everything you need to know about online reputation management.

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What Is Online Reputation Management?

As information about a business is more available to consumers than ever, it’s vital to control growing, influencing, managing, and monitoring your brand. Having an apparent and positive online review is key to any business’s reputation. Consumer-generated information provides a new level of transparency that supplies further insight into your company. Proactive online reputation management includes monitoring reviews, news articles, and listings, advertising, creating an effective SEO strategy, and a strong social media presence.

Why Online Reputation Management Is Key

With over 85% of online consumers considering online reviews before making a purchase, having a responsible online reputation management plan is crucial to your business. Without positive reviews, consumers are much less likely to trust your brand. Negative reviews have an incredible impact on a company that detracts new customers and turns away repeat purchasers. Traditional marketing and public relations are no longer an effective way to ensure you have a positive and present reputation. Having a strong online reputation can be a slow process, but hiring experts is the first step to guaranteeing a healthy presence.

What You Should Monitor Online

Effectively managing your reputation online can be tricky as there is no one-size-fits-all plan. Depending on your goods or services, a custom monitoring plan must be adapted to provide the best results. In a world where social media and reviews are vital to your business, you must monitor these aspects:


Representing the integrity of your company and brand is everything. Having the right amount of control of your name is the key to keeping a positive online representation. Brand protection also extends to your valued team. Your reputation is only as strong as your weakest link, and the experts at Connectica work to make sure those connections cannot be broken.


Much like your brand, it’s crucial to keep the message of your company in mind. Having a clear and concise message is fundamental to your image. A strong statement not only declares what your company stands for, but also how you stand apart from your competitors. Your message matters, especially when it comes to differentiating yourselves from other companies in your area. Connectica monitors your brand’s message to turn your target audience into repeat customers.

Competition & Industry

No matter your field, business trends will always come in and out of style. As the level of technology continues to grow, it’s more crucial than ever to have control over monitoring your clients’ needs to optimize your company. Likewise, understanding the competition provides you with a cutting-edge lead that sets you apart. Connectica removes the stress from that monitoring as our talented experts stay up to date with industry trends and competition.

How We Effectively Monitor & Manage Your Online Reputation

Connectica utilizes a number of techniques when it comes to managing your online reputation, most of which involve a strong content creation and SEO strategy. If your aim is to curb negative press or reviews, we can help with that! With effective content creation, we can eliminate the impact negative content is having on your brand by diluting it on search engines.

If your problem is simply that you have no real brand recognition, Connectica can help with that too! By employing the latest in SEO strategies, we can create a cohesive plan that helps elevate your brand, getting it recognized on various media platforms — and in a good way.

Let Connectica Help With Your Online Reputation

Maintaining a positive online reputation is now the key to a successful business. While the management process may be complicated, it does not have to be if you trust an experienced team like Connectica. If you are ready to stay proactive with your management strategy, call us today at 1-877-816-2259!

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