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Connectica’s highly skilled team of designers offer clean, clear and unique print designs with your company’s branding in mind.

Connectica’s highly skilled team of designers offer clean, bright, and unique designs with your company’s branding in mind. Graphic design goes further than just pretty logos and business cards. Captivating designs allow you to connect with your customer on a more personal level by providing a lasting first impression.

We live in a world that is no longer okay with okay. Basic is boring and mediocre is mainstream. Providing current and future clients with logos, sign designs, marketing materials such as brochures, direct mail, and newsletters is essential to establish a relationship based on trust and reliability. We work with you every step of the way to make your vision a reality.

Compelling Graphic Design

Communicates Your Brand:

Potential customers don’t want to just see what you have to offer; they want to know your story. Whether it’s an online ad, printed brochure, or a newsletter, your marketing material tells customers about your brand from color and font to layout and image choices.

Utilizes The Latest Industry Trends:

As with fashion and other industries, graphic design trends are constantly changing. Millennial pink and Art Deco might be in this year, but out next year. It is important not to let your company fall behind due to outdated design choices.

Adds Life To Your Company:

No longer do customers want a cut-and-dry, black-and-white company. Personalized graphic design allows people to see past your products and services and into who you are as a company.

Stands Out From The Rest:

Let’s face it, we’re less likely to pay attention to something if it’s boring. By providing captivating graphic design, your products, services, and message will be sure to shine.

Strategy & Consulting

Visual representation of your company is key to building a brand that will last a lifetime. Our dedicated graphic design team works closely with you to create and implement a strategy that is not only visually appealing but guaranteed to meet your marketing goals.

Tell Us About Your Project

Logo Design

Logos are a window into your company, and often the first representation people see. A professional, creative, and most importantly, memorable logo shows the public and future customers that your company is trustworthy and reputable.

At Connectica our logo design process includes an initial consultation where we meet with you to discuss your business model and your vision for your company brand. Based on this initial consultation we will create a variety of mock-up options and work closely with you to finalize a logo that represents your companies’ image. You are then provided with a logo package which includes your new logo in multiple industry standard formats including a vector graphics version for print, a black and white version, along with a web friendly version.

Digital Media Graphics

Standing out in the world of digital media can be difficult due to the sheer amount of content out there. By providing on-point and exciting digital content, Connectica can help you attract new clients and retain your current with high-quality email blasts, newsletters, etc that is sure to attract the attention of your audience.

Print Advertising

While we are reliant on Internet branding and advertising today, it is important to remember that print advertising still reaches a wide audience – whether it is someone flipping through a local newspaper or a national magazine. Connectica can provide you with creative print advertising no matter your desired audience.


Today we want as much information as possible in a short amount of time. The human eye is proficient at understanding information quicker than the written word – Infographics allow you to get your information in a visually stimulating way that will be sure to capture people’s attention.

Signage & Banners

Large graphics can make a significant impact during trade shows, exhibits, and local events. Not only is it a chance to showcase your company, but they also provide insight into your products and services by reaching a large number of possible customers.

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Visualizing your company as a brand instead of an option allows you to break down the current ideas of design and make lasting connections. With your creative vision, Connectica showcases your message in a way that takes out-played ideas and brings your company into the modern age with graphic design that impresses the masses.

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